On Art of Withdrawal MindMaps and Drawing Cups

Been creating mindmaps. And thinking about all the relationships between stuff on them and drawing conclusions from it, pun intended.

See, art as in a recording, process and a way of being.  Withdrawal (from psychiatric drugs and the world for some time in the process of thereof) as means of attaining freedom, peace of mind and heart and thus full health.

The search for true connection to oneSelf, while in the and from the world can be draining sometimes. And futile, oftentimes. Perhaps always. I had been practicing.

Here a lill’ something as a token from the search party. A souvenir from the journey inside and out.

My cuppa. There is a difference between drawing and a drawing. I think I prefer drawing as a process no matter what drawing it results in.

Photo on 19-02-2016 at 08.06


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