Everyday Courages

1_Everyday CouragesBack in 2011, second time I met Dion McInnis, an American photographer, in Pilsen I created a series of Everyday Courages photographs.

Back then, after I had run a marathon to lose excess weight, gained after being medicated…and not getting back into my own skin despite six months training the previous year, and being in intensive psychotherapy, I had reached a place of up and down, unpredictability and emotional upheaval, to a point of losing my long term relationship later that year…the waves were just too much for us.

That summer, I was looking around me, that week in Dion’s workshop, and came up with these images to remind myself that if there is courage, there is hope. Everyday.

Here they are in a simple fb video. Courage to get up, courage to get lost, to find oneself again, to get hurt,  to create, to hang loose, to grow, to smile, to touch…they all added up to my #EverydayCourages, then, as they do now.

Nine years later Dion has written about it in his National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library newsletter to encourage people to share the stories of courage that have affected their lives. I am honoured. Thank you.

What are your everyday courages? Let me know.





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