should and could…into can and shall


I still did not get a round…tuit. John Wickham, former history teacher of mine will understand this joke, does anyone else? To it…as in painting. Because I had read another story from and got involved this time.

See more here and let me know if and how you can help. 

The story I know bones of resonated in me as I can easily imagine myself having ended up in a similar position had I stayed in Czech, on meds, in the psychiatric and social care system,  had I not started tapering my drugs, which, though a bumpy process, I feel is the right one for me. Reading all these Czech psychiatric horror stories (I know there must be some good ones too, but I have not really met or come across any really, sorry) opened up a lot of things and memories too. In a good way. It is about time. It is about bloody time.

To cut a long story short…I also took action, on behalf of somebody who is unable at the moment, along with other people. You have a friend. We all should do.

Disclaimer: I don’t know the woman in question, personally,  I only read her story, from her perspective, she had sent the journalist webmaster, that she wrote with a help of a peer person. She may well have multiple problems in her life…all I know becoming homeless is not gonna help solving any of them, it is just gonna make things whole lot more difficult. Who am I to judge. From what I have learnt over the years…I never know how much has the person next to me on their plate…so I try to stay kind…unless they are an absolute asshole…and even then I can kick ass in a kind way.

What have your life lessons been on kind/ness and related? So far, anyway.


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