Infinite Love and Gratefulness…and of course Arting…my Corona invitation for you…

First of all, I hope you are keeping well. From where I am, it looks we might be soon stuck at homes with this thing going on for quite some time… So while doing everything possible right on a personal level I have also decided to offer support to my fellow artingers in the following way:

For a month now, you can access my course #becometheartistyouare CCC option for a bargain price of £33 or a donation. CCC stands for course, community and coaching.

Course option

You can spend a month developing and uplevelling your arting from the comfort of your home with me at your side in a focused and you-tailored way.

Who is it for? How does it work and what have people said about it? Read more here.

In my work I draw on my art, art history, art education, art therapy and creativity coaching expertise and experience. More about the what, why and how in my  work here.

All you need to do is click the button in link or contact me for paypal details.

Are you in? Just drop a line with potential questions. See you on the other side, meantime take good care.

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