Opening the Arting Advent Calendar this year

Arting Advent Calendar 2020

Opening calendar in the run up to Christmas is one of my child-like joys. This year I have created one for me and my art/friends reflecting on the downs and hopes of this unusual and probably in many ways a very hard year.

As we near its close, I reveal what messages each of the lill’ boxes held. Heere we go.

#1 Picture of/from creation: Keep going…and I hope you are keeping some kind of record.

#2 Teddy in Lockdown: probably self-explanatory

#3 Butterflies of Hope: hope is a fluttery thing, cherish it and look after it

#4 Morning Pages Dream: Keep writing and going

#5 Reaching to/growing: On your own or connected, look after yourself

#6 Beyond the Mirror: Naked, in your vulnerability, no shame, blame or guilt

#7 Memory Boxes, Touch: Cherish it.

#8 Tracing Shadows, Meditation on the Nature of Reality: Practice to see and feel beyond

#9 Teddy Lost, Trafalgar: Empty streets, not our hearts

#10 Birch in autumn shine: Shine, Do

#11 Staying Alive, cuppa messages: Return to yourself and enjoy your tea/coffee

#12 Tracing Shadows, Colour In Book: All failing do some colour in outside the lines

#13 See me to see yourself self portrait, 2000: Cherish where you and how far you have come

#14 Hands: Bluest mood does not throw me, put it into painting or writing

#15 Birchrain: Enjoy the daily

#16 Cuppa: Even when out of it, daily rituals save me

#17 See me: See others, speak to them, listen, share, be with

#18 Arting 2020: Keep arting, it keeps you sane

#19 Open Up: Don’t be afraid of what is inside and beyond

#20 Tracing Shadows, Autumn: Add colour, to everything…

#21 Manifesto: What is yours?

#22 Nest: Create your own.

#23 Christmas Tree: Do I really need one? Christmas spirit all year round.

#24 and #25 are reserved for your creations and art. Feel free to share along with your 2020 christmas/realizations.

This year has been a “just being” year for myself. Having woken up sometime in February and in recovery since, isolating in the pandemic, staying at home, saving life/lives. I have only been in touch with people online, really. Blessed be the technology despite its shortcomings…

Despite tier 4, over here in London, I do hope we all have a wonderful Christmas, a reminder of goodwill to men and their true spirit. It is in the air. Enjoy. Truly, from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. More on 2020 reflection and 2021 hopes process next time…i.e. soon.

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