#fromthearchives and building up the site again

WordPress tells me today I had been blogging for eight years…well, on and off. When I set up this site in 2013 I had moved from Pilsen to Klatovy, and took up a freelance artist/gallery educator position at Galerie Klatovy Klenova…I felt I should start documenting the past and present ventures into art, my arting.

Not unlike in the picture above I have changed my hats and hung them in various places over the past fifteen years…still…the arting remains a common denominator, a very loyal friend, tool and love.

Forward eight years on, a solo and a couple of group shows, I am in London…still in recovery…in lockdown…still not caught up on the past fifteen years of arting virtually…from the first group exhibition in Kromeriz in 2006, through my engagement as an art teacher and curator of education at the National Gallery in Prague and DOX, until today when I am preparing a postponed show for Goldsmiths. Definitely getting a better idea of its overall shape and purpose, loyalty in motion.

To keep in touch with what is going on in my studio and arting, sign up to the monthly Arting Studio newsletter. Also, by the end of this month I should have knocked up an updated past project list and write ups, done is better than perfect, so will be sending you a version of that in the first mailing.

Sign up heeere.

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