On framing my reality, questions I ask myself, creating, and flying…

Frame your reality. Fill in the frames.

Over the past week, I have been goofing about with my sketching and writing. Bigger, better, deeper, more.

The above image was taken five years ago, when I decorated the flat and put these up to be filled. I have since then taken them down, filled, and hung them around the place elsewhere…and made that wall my studio painting wall.

Someone recently asked me, when I told them I had been creating over the past year, putting myself back into my life, “So what have you created?”…I froze up answering something on the lines that not that much, that I have been processing the process of healing.

Personally, I find the creative process much more interesting than the final “product” or outcome, hence arting, hence the question should have been for me, what have you been creating, working on, playing with, discovering, learning along the way.

So here are some of the answers from this week, which has not been a weak week:

I can strum a tune with ten chords I know how to play and make it meaningful, to me at least. And sing along small tunes to it. And find out which sounds and tones come out harder than others, which ones are downright silent and which ones resonate with me.

I can get moved to get moving, dancing, to drums, to Pina Bausch, to Vuoi Vuoi, to myself. And get extatic without ever going to an extatic shamanic dance event. On my own.

I can explore the colours that had been previously out of bounds and deemed inappropriate, guess who had said so, as if any colour ever was, and have fun with bottle green…and purple. Thank you Xiane Sierocka Stock for raising that point in the Artist Way Circle.

I can paint my teddy bear artistic totem on an A1 tracing paper poster and send digi prints to friends who appreciate it. Sharing the arting vibes.

I can just sit and sip tea and stare into green and blue, out of the window or in the garden.

I can experiment with left and right hemisphere writing and arrive at new realizations such as this one:

Those who are alike, covered in feathers of their curious creativity, turning them into tools and means of their craft may need each other for protection, sharing and company. Covered in fleeting beauty of their todays, pasts and futures, they cheer each other into flying, creating.

So much for a birds of feather flock together…

I can flock and

I can just be with me.

I can just be me.

And enjoy it.

And share it.

For more visual updates from the studio, visit www.instagram.com/arting.me

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