Morning Pages Turned Into Paintings

Morning pages turned into paintings from this week with Walking in This World by Julia Cameron

As you may know I have been running/hosting a creative recovery circle with two of (who are becoming) my (dear) friends. We have been meeting up since the start of the year and following The Artist’s Way first and now the lockdowns and weather permitting a bit more, Walking in This World books.

It has been gentle, harrowing and mindblowing all at the same time, so it seems, thanks to the basic tools devised by Julia Cameron…the morning pages, the artist’s date and the weekly walk more recently.

This week, week four is all about adventure…and I had allowed myself a small creative adventure in turning my morning pages into paintings as soon as I write them. We have been talking about acting on our creative urges and intuitions, and this has been one of them…I log the pages on a large piece of paper….and see what emerges from them. It might be doing it “all wrong” as one is supposed to read those pages along the way a bit later, again, I presume…but this felt right, like something I had needed: the morning mind process transformed into painting…to transform it. They are not supposed to be art, just art as therapy/process of sorts….I log myself and look at it.

So I log the pages and then I paint through them, on them and out of them. This week has seen me go from a coffee cup, through a rugged purple and green self portrait to a waking dream about listening to my own soul.

Not sure what I am going to do when the time comes to read the logged pages…but hey ho…this is working for now. I believe enough will be left and readily readable, the important bits…and images.

What is your experience with morning pages or other journaling tools for discovery, reflection and deeper work? Let me know…I’d like to know.

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4 thoughts on “Morning Pages Turned Into Paintings

  1. When I heard about your new way to work with the morning pages I wanted to ask you how this can look like, and now you answered my question in advance. I just love the idea to paint through them, on them, and out of them! Even more, I like the way how you do it, and how you express all those moments and feelings in your own unique – and, at the same time, for the beholder beneficial and grateful – way. Thanks so much to share your art with us!

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