It takes a lot to know a man, to understand. It takes a lot to know a woman too. And it takes a lot to know one’s Self. But maybe not that much. The first line comes from Damien Rice’s song which tangentially came to my mind as I started typing.

Originally I was going to say that it takes about three months to gauge the taper. Well, it did for me. Hence the not blogging.

I have not been arting much in that period. Period. I was just keeping it all together while trying to listen to my body and get the dosage right every day. I might have cracked it. Hopefully.

What has been really helpful though throughout was what I had learnt on the way, from Prem Rawat. Hearing Myself and not the noise between my ears. I urge you to read his book Hearing Yourself, available online at different places.

In September I have also set up a preliminary FB page for Mad in Czech-o-Slovakia. Not sure this will lead onto a real affiliate of Mad in America, staying open to possibilities.

Also, I have rekindled my attempts to help Medicating Normal documentary be screened in Czech. Open to possibilities at the moment.

And thinking of setting up an online Saloon type of space once a week or biweekly for creative explorations, play and possibilites of sharing oneself with others and the world.

If any of this rings a bell, or resonates, let me know.

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