SUNDAY SUMMIT with myself and the BIrch

The Russian Revolution some hundred years ago, the past ten days since my last blogpost have been intensive…remembering the anniversary of Czechoslovak independence, the Halloween, the All Saints, Dusicky (the Day of the Dead), me perioding/mooning, Guy Fawkes…light light everywhere…on the table and under the chair.

Also my grandmother of ninetyone and the aunt who she lives with have contracted Covid. They have meantime started recovering. Thank you.

I have been doing my above average dosage of praying…and taking heart and talking to God. Not the kinds of talks Neal Donald Walsh does, or maybe? Who knows?

On the Russian theme…enjoy today’s sketch of a birch tree twig behind the window…in London.

Happy lighting and lightening up of your hearts. I know mine needs it.

How has your arting and living been? Pop over to catch up.

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