Sweating my prayers

Surfacing, 2019, ongoing

Somewhere between a prayer, body psychotherapy and dance is my daily practice of moving…sometimes I am just lying there, feeling into my body, sometimes I move to music sometimes I stretch into a yoga like pose of my own making…currently experiencing a lower back sacral back pain an feeling into it, what is it about other than having exposed my warmed up and slightly sweaty body to a coolish air without noticing…trauma survivors are said to have lower body awareness threshold, I am feeling to feel myself again, or maybe for the first time in my life? Following my body…I am not my body, I am not my mind, I am someting lying far behind…but I do need my body to be here…so I am looking after my health and practicing. Bugger to everything else for the time being.

How are you looking after yourselves?

Check instafeed for doodles from the journey.

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