Reflecting and sharing myself around…and Monoprints and shosteeto


This week I have started my yearly reflection of sorts. Do you do yours? I have been doing this publicly (semi, kinda) by sharing my #artingadvent calendar pieces along with their inspirations. Daily I share one of this year’s pieces and reflect on its initial inspiration as well as life, asking you light probing questions.

For more daily a/musings head over to my instagram.

While doing this more things have been unearthed and created…such as another set of #shosteeto jewellery (if you are a fan, let me know, I can create your own original from silver, upcycled plastics and museum beads) and a start of a semi-Christmasy prints. Enjoy the process, I am.

I have also been looking at my ongoing series work, from #teddylost to #tracingmyself and been reflecting and sharing more of those. All there. Enjoy.

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Orange Winter

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