More on the series i work

#morningpagesintopaintings series

This Advent Time is a time of reflection and looking back.

Diligently been doing both…

It resulted in the series of #artingadvent I go deeper into in the daily instagram posts about the ongoing series I work in/on.

To learn more about these, follow the insta account or even better! sign up for the studio news here.

Meanwhile enjoy the collage of images from the #morningpagesintopaintings series that is a result of my morning process of writing and painting between dreaming and waking, in a lucid kind of state.

How do your mornings look like? Do you set aside time for reflection at this time of the year?

Finally, let me know which piece from the #artingadvent series speaks to you the most and why…just curious, no strings attached. Just festive fun!

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