Year of Colour

#yearofcolour by, designed by Stef Lewandovski

It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words…and sometimes a single colour choice does too. The above is a chromatic analysis of all my painting posts from 2021.

A mixture of different blues and browns. Perhaps a mixture of heaven and earth…or sky and pretty shitty (sometimes) grounded reality. That has been my year this year. I am glad I have had it.

2021 has been my year of recovery, of painting myself out of pain in the pandemics, of isolation mainly, of cherished online meetups with the Artist’s Way and later Arting Saloon online friends. Of learning to be with myself, of learning to be myself anew.

What has really helped me in this, for majority of people, not a very easy time, has been what I had learned about inner peace from Prem Rawat. Often forgotten, often remembered…just sitting with it, and being with myself.

Hence I intend 2022 to be my year of peace, wonder and optimism. We need all.

What are your sky high blue dreams and visions or down to earth plans and goals for the coming year?

May they all come true and we learn so much through just being.

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