Change of tune, medium and mood…maybe? perhaps!

Joys of Crayola, Washable 😉

This week I have been really looking after myself, taking each day slowly and as best as I could…and I ended up yogaing a lot more with the asana rebel app and tinkling the piano (fun working out those old folk tunes by ear) and messing around with crayola, washable at that.

That is more like the/my spirit, I feel, still following my body in the #artofwithdrawal…

How has the valentines week treated you? Currently I am at home listening to storm Eunice, just so grateful have a roof over my head and can watch it from the window.

Also, full moon brought about some interesting dreams and synchronicities, such as finding a discotheque light/stroboscope…and not taking it home with me…aaah.

See more about it on my insta story today

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