Digging myself outta a hole…again

So, I have not blogged for nearly five months…the reason being…or having been, another dip on my taper journey…this time the supersensitivity psychosis kicked in when watching the first images of the Ukrainian war. It took me into catatonic/vegetable like states, needed to reinstate my drug and taking it slowly, digging myself outta that hole again: hence kittens, tea and gentle connections on whatsapp…with family and friends. My partner has once again proven himself to be a lion in disguise.

Feeling so grateful for every day I do not rhyme, stutter or get stuck over something petty because of paranoia…spliced with moments of heightened awe and insights into peace and human condition over puehr tea.

After my mum and sister visited and combed my hair properly in months, I took this photograph and even ventured as far as capturing this somewhat volatile and shaky state in a feeling self-portrait. This is what I look like and feel like on the inside, respectively.

Will keep you posted about my recoveries discoveries. Watch this space.

And let me know how you are getting on :-).


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