#artingme challenge this August

August it is, august for our creativity, no matter whether you are on a staycation, working from home or flopping on the beach somewhere, you can join us for twenty minutes a day.

Easy to follow creative prompts posted daily on my instagram account to develop your creativity and explore landscapes inner and outer, as well as develop your art skills. No prior experience is necessary though. All you need is a pencil, sketchbook/paper, camera/phone and yourself for some twenty minutes a day. Head here.

More about the thinking behind the challenge here.

The first prompt is up tonight, join us with your creations on #hashtag #artingme. At the end of the month, there will be goodies to be had for the joiners in. #watchthisspace

To learn more about the upcoming go here and subscribe. www.arting.me for Irena’s Arting monthly newsletter.

See you around. August Arting On!

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