This painting titled Tulips for Elena was created this February and named in March, as the war in the Ukraine started and started to take its first toll…on the people of the Ukraine and myself too.

The Prem Rawat Foundation is one of the agencies providing, through its Food For People, humanitarian relief on the ground through its partners in Kyiv, namely The Soup Kitchen. Check out more here

Elena is a friend of mine, an acquaintance perhaps to be more precise, but the kind of an acquaintance you do not forget, as we had met at Dion McInnes’s photography workshop in Pilsen in 2010, and I vividly remember taking each other’s portrait photographs and talking life…and how strong and heartfelt she spoke about never ever leaving her home country…little did we know…then.


If you want to see this one and more of the works I am sharing as part of the fundraiser, head over to my, and get in touch for a digital print. In return I will send you a donation link. Easy. Every little helps.

Thank you.


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