All the books on art I ever…

…read or even translated!

I mean it was the #internationaltranslationday the other day and it made me think and remember:

To name just one, perhaps the most volumnous…my lill wee contribution to Czech posterity.

And also…wonder what else I would still like to read or even appear in ;). I used to be conceited, now…obviously…I am perfect!

I was kinda hoping for the next edition of The Story of Art Without Men…once I get on Katy’s list, no doubt doable.

Meanwhile reading theeese.

What are you reading? Needn’t be art related…just enjoyable to you. Do share!!

Why is it that the artist on art is sooo thin compared to the art historical analyticizing volumes? That itself speaks volumes, and the art/ist for itself/herself. Who knows…what I know it really is bloody difficult to write about my own stuff on top of creating it…bear with me though.

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