About Me


I have always loved and been drawn to art and yet used to fear that I was somehow “not good at it” enough and thus I went and did something else, related but not it.
It took me a couple of years to work it out.
Now I live in London and inspire and encourage you to art on.
Originally I studied Art History/English, Visual Arts Education, am a qualified art teacher,  TEFL teacher and art therapist in educational and social services setting and got trained in experiential learning, artistic interventions in businesses and creativity coaching.
  • Previously I have taught art at an art secondary school.
  • Worked for and in the National Gallery in Prague as curator of education at the Modern and Contemporary Art Collection.
  • Worked at DOX, Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague in the same position.
  • Freelanced for galleries and museums in Pilsen and Klatovy, Czech Republic devising their Museum Nights Events, School Programmes and researching their evaluation, running workshops for families.
  • Prepared the participation brief for Pilsen 2015, the European Capital of Culture.
  • Taught English and made art with people struggling and overcoming psychoses.
Does that sum it up? I hardly think so. But then again, that does not matter, that much.
It changes lives. You may become an artist. You may become and do anything you want with the discoveries you make while arting.


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