About Me

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I have always loved art and yet feared I was somehow “not good at it” enough and thus I went and did something else, related but not it. It took me a couple of years to work it out. And get from insecure to installation exhibition.
Now I live in London and help people discover, kickstart, explore and sustain their arting creativity.
 So who am I? A woman, lover, survivor, daughter, sister, artist, writer, blogger, enjoyer, am…and glad about it too. As you probably know it is hard to put a label on it.
  • Previously I have taught art at an art secondary school.
  • Worked for and in the National Gallery in Prague as curator of education at the Modern and Contemporary Art Collection.
  • Worked at DOX, Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague in the same position.
  • Freelanced for galleries and museums in Pilsen and Klatovy, Czech Republic devising their Museum Nights Events, School Programmes and researching their evaluation, running workshops for families.
  • Prepared the participation brief for Pilsen 2015, the European Capital of Culture.
  • Taught English and did art with people struggling and overcoming psychoses.
Originally I studied Art History/English, Visual Arts Education, am a qualified art teacher,  TEFL teacher and art therapist in educational and social services settings.
Does that sum it up? I hardly think so. But then again, that does not matter, that much.
Get in touch, get arting :-). It changes lives. You may become an artist. You may become and do anything you want with the discoveries you make while arting. Join us here.



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