Call to all artists

(even if you do not consider yourself one, fully, yet)

Kickstart your Art-ing

in ten days

using approaches from art therapy and experiential learning.

You know that arting (your art practice) is the basis, possibly of all that you dream about.

You know that being stuck and afraid or dried up will not get you anywhere.

You have been feeling restless, itching, yet waiting for inspiration and not doing much, right?

You are dreaming of creating your art in  a (more) authentic and sustainable way.

Of getting unstuck? Of finding and sustaining your creative momentum?


The Arting Kickstarter has been designed to help you do just that. 

  • In half an hour a day,
  • with a daily Arting prompt in your inbox for ten days that will enable you to
    • overcome resistance,
    • find your own inner and outer inspiration instantly and
    • make and share your art in ways that are you
  • you will find, explore and develop your inspirations and self-awareness.

Let’s get you arting…again.

How do I know this works? Because I have been teaching this process for a couple of years offline and online to people of all walks of life, in the National Gallery in Prague, in schools and in the community in two countries (CZ and UK).

People who have never tried or had resisted arting before picked it up easily, people who had been more seasoned and/or trained artists reported unexpected and beneficial results (new series of work, new directions…even a start of an exhibition).

How is it different? It uses approaches from art therapy and experiential learning to get you started and juiced up again and excited about your arting. No prior technical knowledge is thus needed, it is suitable for beginning as well as more seasoned artists.

Why now? Because, as I am sure, you want to finish 2018 on the right foot with your art-ing and try something different, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

Get #ArtingKicskstarter here!

It costs £49


 it takes you up on a roller coaster of ten days of arting

you can take it at your own pace, even if you are super busy

you will learn strategies and techniques to overcome resistance, get started, find inspiration (quick) and follow it in authentic ways.

you only need pencil, sketchbook and a camera to start with.

All you need is re-start. How do I know this? Been there, an insecure art history student, doubting myself and working against myself for some ten years. Do not make the same mistake. The Arting Kickstarter presents the lessons I have learnt until now, while exhibiting (internationally), working in the community and taking commissions.

You are an artist (even if a budding one). Act like one. Get your arting started. Today.