How do you become an artist in 33 days? join me on the road of arting self-discovery as I blog my book


I have successfully tapered off my antidepressants! Whooaaa. Celebration time.

The road has been a bit bumpy and a lot self-care had been needed since the end of April when I started the process.

Now clear of AD, no longer smelling of drugs in my sweat, hurray! and free of other not so nice side effects. Cool.

The above image was taken in the thick of it:

stepping stones/prizing the door open/across the river of sadness



Now that is out of my way,  I have restarted with blogging my #becometheartistyouare book bit by bit daily.

It is based on my course #becometheartistyouare  that I run online.

All you need to join in is yourself, sketchbook, pencil and a camera on your mobile phone for example.

You can join me in the #arting fun in the Arting FB group for daily updates and community. See you there! 🙂


How do you become an artist in 33 days? Just start. Day One.

Some time ago I set out to blog-edit my #becometherartistyouare process into a book form.

Life and myself got in the way.

Today I start with the first “real” assignment…one about breaking barriers to self-expression. Just have a go, especially, and even if not you have issues around allowing yourself to draw, paint, write, create in any shape or for because of being over critical to yourself. See the instructions below.

# 1 Make a bad drawing

In doing this, note down all your feeling around the assignment. How does it feel making a baaad drawing? Is it cringey? Is it liberating? Is it something else?

Look at the drawing, and really, is it that baad after all? Why yes, why not? Note down your reactions. Whose reactions are they anyhow? Are they really truly yours? Who in you, is speaking to whom about this? What memories does this bring into mind? Just notice.

Are there good qualities about the baad drawing you could appreciate? Like perceived sloppiness could be recognized as a certain freedom? Or bits of it that you really like? Appreciate them.

If you want share it with your sketchbook. All that your baaad drawing made you realize and see. And if you want share it with me in here in the comments or in the FB Arting group.

Most of all have fun, and be gentle with yourself, no matter what comes up and/or you discover.





My here and now feels/like my breath been drawn in for/a long time. Exhale

Yesterday I said I was going to write up a day chapter of my book. I committed. Today, I almost chickened out in a very clever way, by almost having forgotten about it, having yesterday, after having committed also persuaded myself it was pointless. Anyhow.



Here I go. So do you.


All you need for the following 33 days is yourself, a piece of paper and a pencil and a (phone/digital) camera and about 20 minutes of time.

Today, easy start. See below. I made a mistake: haiku is in syllables, not words. So count those, it will press you into a form, which might be uncomfortable, but useful to start with.



#0 Where are you-

How does your here and now feel?

Just write.

Great. Starting point, always already where we are.

My here and now feels like the title of this blog.

More tomorrow.

My Arting Book Challenge – am blogging IT, will you join me?

#becometheartistyouare (1)

Dear All,

I hereby commit myself to blogging a day chapter of my Arting book a day…as of today. 🙂

Why? Accountability, sharing, fun.

What should you look forward to? A daily book write up from my #becometheartistyouare course that is becoming #betheyouyouare thing. :-).

By doing this I am hoping to get the first draft rewritten/edited in a month.

You are free to join me on the creative arting journey. What you will need is




and camera for example on your phone.

No frills needed. Basics.

And or your favourite media and materials. And about 20 minutes a day.

Let me know if you are up for it!

Drop me a line to to join the daily updates and for option of feedback and one to one perks go here.




May…mayday, priorities, life, magic.


….may, she will stay.  At home. Says a song by Simon and Garfunkel. Resting in my arms again.

I have been kinda following this tune, in April I woke up also thanks to @JoGifford. Now I have been following my body day at a time in the withdrawal process. Taking time out of busy outside life, adjusting to new ways of processing stuff.

Arting has taken on a meditative, diagnostic and dealing with shit quality.

The month has started off by me standing up on Brighton beach at five in the morning in the full moon. Magic. And it continues that way. I know that simple things come together, I am on track. So just allowing, not doing, but undoing.

Back to basics. Logging off. Priorities. Needs not wants. It feels good. And I am lucky to be able to do it.

Hope you are all well, and let me know where is your arting taking you.



April…colouring in my four year old self/sun


I find that spring cleaning is a great thing. You find things. I did. I found A THING. My first ever recorded artwork. A sun by a four year old me.

So, when deciding what I am going to do as my twenty minute a day meta-arting in April…it was clear. I photocopied the image and use it as a colour-in image daily in the morning. Seeing what my four year old self is telling me about my day…how she is feeling ;-).

What is your first ever recorded artwork? Or one that you can remember…DO tell.

You can join us in the Arting Afternoon this coming Wednesday to do just that, and more. 90 minutes of serious arting fun. Are you coming? Are you in? Arting ON! No prior arting experience required. Honestly.


my #becometheartistyouare process sharing


This is my final piece for March #becometheartistyouare challenge. The resulting piece.

It is called #helpinghands. More about it on my instagram

What do you do when you need to keep upspirited? keep going?

I created this self-help poster.

Guess what my answers to that question are? 🙂 I came up with nine. What are your #helpinghands (at the end of your arms or in the arms of others?)

Let me know.

To find out about the challenge, go here 

And if you want to connect more closely, why not head over to Arting FB group for the fun in April. I will  try to #useupallmycrayons.

This is what I do…in a nutshell :-)

Pastel meI have recently been asked by Alexis Fedor of Artists in Business #artistsinbusiness to do a podcast interview…this is what resulted and I am very happy to share it with you.

We have talked about what my mission is, how I go about fulfilling it and what the hell is arting and why should you #becometheartistyouare

Being an inspirer and encourager kind of coach I urge you to have a listen so that you can find out how you could challenge yourself, take yourself out of your comfort zone AND find out what kind of creative animal you really are by connecting to your most authentic inspirations and take it from there…becoming an artist. Or anything else, really.

I urge you especially if you have been stopping yourself in your tracks, thinking you are not good enough, or what the point is. Have a listen and let me know what you think.




My #becometheartistyouare challenge week four

Running the experiential #becometheartistyouare challenge this March again. Here I have been documenting the outcomes of my process, and the insights.

Week 4 in the #becometheartistyouare challenge is all about exploring the principles binding the elements together.

So I got to play with balance, harmony, contrast, scale, rhythm, etc. The above are the outcomes of arting 20 minutes a day…

….which have lead me onto a #helpinghand project idea that I shall bring into life in the community this Easter. Am keeping you posted.


And how do you like the #pompomstatement necklace? That is pretty eastery, right?


#Easter on, if you celebrate, and #freetime on even if you don’t.

Either way have a lovely time & let me know what you think of the above.