Trying to sort out the mess…(which is my website and my life in arting)…catching up a bit…

Trying to catch up on ten plus years of arting has not been easy. Especially as most of the time I had not considered myself to be an artist, and did not write much down, oftentimes faulted in the photographic documentation too. See, I have always been more into doing the thing. Whatever the thing was. At the time. As well as working as a gallery educator and more recently recovering.

So what should I be writing about a woodoopuppet of Milan Knizak from 2008? It was called Is it necessary to kill Knizak? Raising the question about the looming presence of the then National Gallery in Prague director figure by paraphrasing a title of a Czech film from set in WW2. And asking the viewers to take action into their own hands by potentially inflicting a woodoo pain on Mr. Knizak. I have created the piece as an employee of the gallery (worked in the education department) and entered it into art competition organized by the gallery that year. It did not get through. However it was exhibited at Containers of Art a year later at a Piazetta of the National Theatre where it was stolen by a passersby, allegedly a mentally ill woman, who tool the puppet home before the disaffected exhibiting artists could inflict any damage. All is well that ends well.


What should I write about the Psychogeography of Pilsen happening from 2010? Standing on a bridge in the centre of the city during a street festival collecting statements Here I… from passersby and matching them with places on the map. Later creating posters and placing them in public space. There were such as Here I have started my new life…at the door of the old people’s home. A way of me connecting with a place and people.

Or the Seeds of Culture happening at Svetovareni festival. People planted seeds of unknown herbs, given instructions how to look after them, and decided what it is that they are growing. Given that Pilsen was trying for the European Capital of Culture title in 2015. See, the word culture comes from the Latin “colere”, which means “what is to be grown”. Thus the seeds, the pots and planting. What was it that the people of Pilsen wished or needed to grow?

What should I write about the Christmas Tree happening and installation with the then  friend Petra, in 2011, when we collected the christmas trees from around the neighbourhood piles and hung them from a bridge over Radbuza, the trees becoming decorations themselves?

What should I write about Gift for Passersby happening in Klatovy, where in local cafe people were encouraged to leave something of of themselves as a gift for a random presentee. A kind of a secret Santa game for locals. As far as I know, horse rides and repotting plants have been presented, to name a few.


What should I write about the Tao of a Butterfly exhibition at Galerie Kaplicka in Rychleby mountains in 2013? I decorated a sideway shrine with paper butterflies, remembering the story of a buddhist monk, who dreamt of being a butterfly and upon waking up from the dream could not decide which was a dream and which a reality. Now I know  they both were, a dream.

What should I write about the happening Thus Spoke the Cobbled Stone in which I have with the help of passersby made the Pilsener and Klatovy squares speak, every bench, lamppost, indeed a cobbled stone. A kind of emotional map of the public space. c402c-img_5827

What should I write about the Butterflies among Walls site specific installation for Amnesty International in 2014? Set at a site of a former prison, I created four hundred paper butterflies carrying the names of people on the AI campaign list, in invisible ink, all the prisoners of conscience in their database, and let them perch on the walls and bars. Once you have shone the UV light torch on a butterfly in the dark, it has revealed its shape and name. You could also create your own butterflies of hope and sign current petitions in a separate cell.

Moving to London, I have struggled to find my own place, recovering from health issues. I have been spending most of my time at home, exhibiting the outcomes of my private arting at the Open Art Exhibition at the Telegraph Hill Festival each year since I have been here. The #seemetoseeyourself portraits, the Butterflies of Courage and Hope and Everyday Courages back from 2011, a photographic series of things that keep me going. As well as creating an online Arting course for developing your creativity.

My dream is ultimately to open an arting space, with materials and tools and create with people in the community. However I have managed to almost talk myself into leaving so many times, it has been difficult thinking ahead, Brexit and stuff. Life has been getting in the way. So far. However…now it really looks like I am staying. For good. Life.

Latest have been these Lost Teddies, as I got more into painting. Watch this space. Let’s see how I go…forward…onward.

Thank you for reading all the way here…let me know which of the above pieces speaks to you most. And why…Looking forward to hearing back.









Teddy the Tourist Lost in London

My Mum has visited over the past week. Tracking along with her in London has lead onto a new series of work: Teddy the Tourist.


Lost in London. An oversized Teddy the Tourist looming by the in-famous sights in the autumnal afternoon light.


There is more coming, developing into a series. If you want to follow it in more detail, see my instagram handle or hashtag #teddythetourist. So far he has visited St. Paul’s, Trafalgar Square and Kew Gardens.

In the meantime, happy autumning. And don’t get too lost, wherever you are.

Arting Sunday Afternoon…on Monday

It was raining yesterday…all the more reason to stay in the studio and paint. So I did.

To start with I was lost…what is it that I see? Am drawn to? I flipped through my sketchbook. In it I discovered a very rough sketch from the cafe up the Hill from where I live, of an armchair.

So I turned it into a painting. I was happy with it, its forlorn qualities and then painted the feelings it conjured up in me over it. I call it Feeling Forlorn. It is the first painting below.


As it was still raining, I took some notes on the rain with my newly found abstractifying freedom. Second painting below. Notes on Rain, is the title.


And finally, I really enjoyed remembering the cup from the cafe from the previous day. Painterly meditation on fleetingness of memory. Third painting below. Notes on a cup.


What feelings, memories and thoughts do they conjure up in you? Let me know.

Also, all of the above are acrylics on paper, 42×30 cm and are for sale at £75 a piece. Free shipping in the UK and Europe. Let me know, if interested.

In the meantime, enjoy Monday afternoon.


What is behind my arting…where is it coming from? And what is behind yours?

Today I watched a video by Alexis Fedor of Artists in Business that talked about core values…for myself, my art and my work with clients.

Courage and Healing
and Inspiration with Encouragement

came up for me, after a brief thought, almost by impulse.

And that brought me down to my knees and back to where it all began…back in 2006, in a psychiatric clinic in Kromeriz, in Czech. Not the best place to be, and art about the only solace and connection to be had.

So for me, the outpour of arting then came after about ten years of having not allowed myself to art, because, as I had been fed and told I was not good at it. See, only talented enough individuals were allowed extra art classes when I was a child in the then communist Czechoslovakia.

Since then, mapping my recovery journey of twelve years, I have worked in (the National) gallery in Prague, studied learning through art and art therapy and experiential learning methodologies. I have created along the way – with people, on my own…knowing that art has a special way of connecting us to who we are, and build those connections between us. By allowing ourselves to art we heal ourselves, and thus the/our worlds.

Now based in London, I have taken my work online, put what I know about overcoming those “not good enough” resistance and fear and doubts in your art into an e-course. It has been my labour of love. If you so feel inclined check it out, but most of all, hit comment/reply and tell us, what is the why behind your arting! I really want to know.



#Seemetoseeyourself Portraits

There is something about being seen, being witnessed for who you truly are.

The portrait session is a way to sit with it. With yourself and connect. To yourself. I am there to witness that process. The resulting portrait painting in acrylics is a document of that.


Lila, portrait preparatory sketch in acrylics, 2018.

I love doing these, as usually the true spark of a person (I paint women) comes through. How can it not? And I get a chance to glimpse it and paint it. That is the most thrilling part of it all.

Women often tell me I have captured how they feel on the inside, which is what always comes through, beyond the surface of your face, or the canvas.

The way I approach painting the portrait is quite intuitive based on my sensitivity, yet is informed by painterly and drawing techniques and training. I love to map out your face, personality and beyond in bold brushstrokes and meaningful colours.

The seeing and the knowing come together.

The portrait session takes about ninety minutes in my London studio, while we sit with it,  and I take visual notes and reference photographs. When you leave I stay with the material and work with it. The process works online, via skype too.

To book your portrait session to #seemetoseeyourself get in touch.

For the duration of September I am putting on a special offer – you can get your unique portrait for the price of your three working days (minimum GBP 150). That is how long it takes me to finish one piece. For further information, get in touch.

I look forward for you to #seemetoseeyourself.




When I try to take it easy…and thinking Christmas ahead

…which I had been suggested yet again healthwise, I usually end up painting, and creating and… and… and like crazy. So here, two images from my recent arting.

Check out my instagram for what I had been up to for the past few weeks:

Series #cuppas and #tracingmyself in progress painterly-wise. Also, could not resist the #pompomstatement fun yet again for a day. Let me know what you think and feel about it.

And if you feel arty as in art on my wall sense, head here, as I have added the print option to all my artwork on sale at Saatchiart.  Christmas….ehm…that time of the year yet again…will soon be coming. All the best, in the meantime…look after yourselves, I shall.




How do you become an artist in 33 days? join me on the road of arting self-discovery as I blog my book


I have successfully tapered off my antidepressants! Whooaaa. Celebration time.

The road has been a bit bumpy and a lot self-care had been needed since the end of April when I started the process.

Now clear of AD, no longer smelling of drugs in my sweat, hurray! and free of other not so nice side effects. Cool.

The above image was taken in the thick of it:

stepping stones/prizing the door open/across the river of sadness



Now that is out of my way,  I have restarted with blogging my #becometheartistyouare book bit by bit daily.

It is based on my course #becometheartistyouare  that I run online.

All you need to join in is yourself, sketchbook, pencil and a camera on your mobile phone for example.

You can join me in the #arting fun in the Arting FB group for daily updates and community. See you there! 🙂

How do you become an artist in 33 days? Just start. Day One.

Some time ago I set out to blog-edit my #becometherartistyouare process into a book form.

Life and myself got in the way.

Today I start with the first “real” assignment…one about breaking barriers to self-expression. Just have a go, especially, and even if not you have issues around allowing yourself to draw, paint, write, create in any shape or for because of being over critical to yourself. See the instructions below.

# 1 Make a bad drawing

In doing this, note down all your feeling around the assignment. How does it feel making a baaad drawing? Is it cringey? Is it liberating? Is it something else?

Look at the drawing, and really, is it that baad after all? Why yes, why not? Note down your reactions. Whose reactions are they anyhow? Are they really truly yours? Who in you, is speaking to whom about this? What memories does this bring into mind? Just notice.

Are there good qualities about the baad drawing you could appreciate? Like perceived sloppiness could be recognized as a certain freedom? Or bits of it that you really like? Appreciate them.

If you want share it with your sketchbook. All that your baaad drawing made you realize and see. And if you want share it with me in here in the comments or in the FB Arting group.

Most of all have fun, and be gentle with yourself, no matter what comes up and/or you discover.