This is a call to action! In 33 days

when committing to your arting  for 

20 minutes a day,

you #becometheartistyouare.


Become the artist you are. Because you know…you are.

Even if you might be telling yourself you are not.

Why am I such a strong believer into challenging ourselves with the #becometheartistyouare process?

Because I have lost way too much time doubting and dreading not being good enough, and stopping myself in my tracks, even if secretly I knew I was an artist…(it was a timid and hoping knowing at first though)…

….I even went to study art history and went through an art therapy training…and became an art teacher…(all of which now helps me immensely, don’t get me wrong)…and still avoided taking my own arting seriously or seeing myself as an artist.

Then I came across a 30 Day Challenge run by John Williams and that has changed my life. I unblocked,  started arting and creating daily…and fast forward three such challenges I landed my biggest exhibition so far…the one for Amnesty International CZ, Butterflies Among Walls.

Now I live in London, and run my own version of the challenge specifically tailored for people drawn to art as well as workshops in the community and create my own art/projects and get commissions.

How is the challenge special and why it works?

#becometheartistyouare is a special mixture of a self-experiential coaching programme and an art challenge/class based around your interests and needs.


You get started and stay in the creative groove with as little as 20 minutes a day.

Yes, twenty minutes a day.

Common, you can do that and commit to that for your arting, your creativity, dream and yourself!

And you have a

  • phone camera
  • and a simple sketchbook with
  • a couple of pencils, don’t you?

That is all you need to start with.

And yourself, of course.


When you accept the #becometheartistyouare challenge you get

  • daily arting prompts for a month direct to your email inbox to help you unblock, get inspired and develop your arting skills.
    • Week One is all about unblocking and learning to see again
    • Week Two is about being Inspired By your favourite artworks/artists and learning from them in authentic ways
    • Week Three and Four takes you on a journey through basic elements and principles of visual language which you are encouraged to incorporate into your own arting from previous weeks
    • Week five is all about synthesizing it all together and (finishing) creating you own arting/artwork and sharing it in meaningful ways.
  • accountability in a friendly and supportive private community on FB and 24/7 creativity coaching with me to help you on the way.

This is a you-centred programme.

I am not an art teacher who tells you what and how to draw/paint/do, though I will do that if you ask me to (and the prompts in Weeks Three and Four take you through the basics)…I am an artist/educator/creativity coach who helps you explore where you want go with where you are and what you have, and make sure nothing stops you…least of all yourself. All good art starts at the heart…so we dig deeper. And as we do, you #becometheartistyouare.

I am qualified and experienced to do this

  • as an (internationally) exhibiting artist,
  • who trained and worked as an art teacher,
  • lead the education department at the National Gallery in Prague and
  • trained in art psychotherapy, creativity coaching and experiential learning while on my own arting journey.

You learn skills and approaches that you can use over and over in the future for your sustainable arting growth.



You might be thinking 

  • But I am not “good enough”
    • …and you will never be if you do not re/start and take yourself seriously and dedicate some time to it…how about twenty minutes a day to start with? Plus…really…we shall look at this nasty belief and see where it is stemming from and get rid of it.
  • I am kidding myself that I am an artist
    • …no, you are not. We all are. But only artists know about it. Said Joseph Beuys, one of the leading figures of contemporary art and art pedagogy. And I strongly believe…and know…that he is right on that one. We all are creative at heart. We just need to art…away.
  • I should do something more useful with my time
    • …to this I shall use Kurt Vonneguth’s quote about how art is not a way of making a living…but a way of being and becoming more human…no matter how well or badly we art.

Why now?

Imagine where you could be in only five weeks from now, having challenged yourself and done the arting work…

…and created something authentic of of yourself that you are proud of and happy to share.

No matter what your “level” or arting experience.

Imagine taking the (perhaps first) step…which (re)opens up your own arting journey.

Take it now!


Course option

With the option Course, you get the daily Arting prompts straight into your email inbox and can follow them in your own time. Easy peasy. Click on the offer banner to access.

Course & Community

With the option Course & Community you get access to daily Arting prompts, and a private FB community with myself as a coach in residence 24/7 to share, ask your questions and support you on your arting way. The next round of #becometheartistyouare is starting on Feb 2nd, 2018. Time to sign up!

Course Community & Coaching

The option Course&Community&Coaching includes the above plus two hours of creativity coaching for you to make use whenever you feel the need, or can be split into two sessions at the beginning and the end of the challenge.

What people have been saying about the #becometheartistyouare challenge? 

“Arting rockz. It has even helped me to be more creative in my own biz.”

“I have discovered what I really wanted to do creatively – write – and now I am doing that.”

“Thank you for holding the space for our creativity. The last challenge has been a game-changer in many ways. I have learnt how to stick with one thing and explore it from different angles and I am still mining that process. Thank you!”

“This is so much more than about just “art”…I have discovered and realized many things about myself and my life. Becoming the artist I am has helped me realize my fuller potential and step into it. Thank you, Irena.”

“I really am glad I have given myself this opportunity, even if the month has not been always easy. But you were there for me to reach out to, which has helped.”

My wish and promise for you is that upon joining us for a month of arting fun and learning, you will discover things about yourself that you did not know, or did not acknowledge in the past as well as develop an arting discipline.


Why 20 minutes a day?

Twenty minutes a day is the minimum of time which, if spent over a period of a month, will add up to creating your arting discipline as well as developing your skills. Of course you can do more, however you commit to twenty minutes a day :-).

Will I need extra art supplies?

That is entirely up to you – you could do the whole month with just a pencil and a sketchbook and a camera, however I have a feeling you will be itching to try out new materials or revisit the ones you had used before.

What exactly am I getting in the daily arting prompt?

Every day you will get an email that will set the task for the day.

Week one tasks are geared towards letting go of fear, focusing our attention and ways of looking and seeing.

Week two is all about learning in authentic ways from your favourite artist or artwork.

And weeks three and four are spent developing your own piece/project. Daily we shall be looking at the different elements and principles of art and design (line, shape, colour…) which you can try out and then incorporate into your project.

Week five, or what remains of it :-), is spent on preparing to share your project/piece with the world in authentic and fun ways.

What is a difference in going to a regular art course?

This is your tailor-made “art” course. Based around you, your interests, your inspirations. The major difference is that I approach the art-making in a therapeutic/self-discovery way rather than an end in itself. By becoming the artist you are you become more (self-aware) of yourself too.

How important is it to participate in the community?

That is entirely up to you. I will be on call, helping you along the way witch challenges encountered and it is also helpful and fun to share your insights and discoveries with others in a safe space, which the FB (closed group) community is.

Do I have to share my project at the end of the Arting month?

Well, what you commit to is that you will dedicate the twenty minutes a day to your arting and share whatever you feel comfortable sharing with the community at the end of the process. Or even your circles :-). Art requires an audience.

What if I miss a day?

Ideally you will have scheduled your daily twenty minutes and sticked to it. However if you miss a day, you can always catch up the following day or at the weekends. Up to you. The process works best if followed in small doses daily :-).

I have not done any art in ages. I am a complete beginner. Is this for me?

Yes! This is for you, no matter what your “level”. Designed and piloted with people just like you in mind. However, even more “seasoned” artists have benefited from the process before.

Have another question? Just drop it in here 

Want to talk in person? Book your 20 minutes Connection/Discovery Call to talk about where you are and how I could help you and how joining the challenge can contribute to your arting journey.

Ready to take part? Start right now by signing in.

Course & Community

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