Heee heee heeealing paintings

Last week has been a painting week. Choosing to go monumental and addressing the alleged Lion Gate portal with a fire ceremony burning all the past grief, sadness, anger and energy this is what transpired. Since last Tuesday, after having burnt all the past past I have had so many aha moments it was not […]

#artingme challenge outcomes and learnings

As part of my healing process I have dug in into my #artingme process once again. It is a seven day guided creativity challenge. This time I was sharing it with people around the world on insta. For a week I sat mostly in the garden writing and arting following the guided daily prompts. Still […]

#artingme challenge this August

August it is, august for our creativity, no matter whether you are on a staycation, working from home or flopping on the beach somewhere, you can join us for twenty minutes a day. Easy to follow creative prompts posted daily on my instagram account to develop your creativity and explore landscapes inner and outer, as […]


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#butterfliesofhope and myself
About Me

Hi, I’m Irena. Previously co-curating the education department at National Gallery in Prague and working freelance as a artist/gallery educator in Czech and the UK, I have been sharing my daily studio a/musings here while in my #artofwithdrawal process.

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