Memories Series

Looking Back, from the series Memories Restarted painting a wee bit more, just fumbling and messing around at the moment seeing what arises, comes through, gets taken down. Brushing up my brushes and skills, playing along. Journeys we take and have taken (can) define us. What we see and experience along the way. The blades […]

That time of the year…again…celebrating compassion

Celebrating a year of almost shielding, a year of recovery. Celebrating the upcoming spring equinox. By sitting in the jungle yard once again and just staring into the green and the blue skies and listening to birds. It almost seems I had not done much else over the past year. It has been much needed. […]

#fromthearchives and building up the site again

Not unlike in the picture above I have changed my hats and hung them in various places over the past fifteen years…still…the arting remains a common denominator, a very loyal friend, tool and love. Forward eight years on, a solo and a couple of group shows, I am in London…still in recovery…in lockdown…still not caught […]


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#butterfliesofhope and myself
About Me

Hi, I’m Irena. Previously co-curating the education department at National Gallery in Prague and working freelance as a artist/gallery educator in Czech and the UK, I have been sharing my daily studio a/musings here while in my #artofwithdrawal process.

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