What keeps me going…what keeps you?

While collecting my marbles…read recovering from a psychiatric journey…I have found a few useful pointers of the right direction: A good book, always. A good poetry book, even better: The Being Alive sequel to Staying Alive seems especially poignant at this point in time. Writing…especially morning pages. A good cuppa…more often of tea nowadays, fennel, […]

Psychiatry sucks, seriously. Or is it the psychiatrists?

This week I tried to take part in a writing challenge online. I dropped out. Decided to leave the group…after many many people had cheered writing by a retired forensic psychiatrist relating the story of a former patient in no less sensational (detective story style way) manner than the headlines of the gutter press. In […]

#notsoamusings and #madbadsadsurvivedthrive novel snippet

The photograph above is from Rychleby…in the Sudenteland frontier between Czech Silesia and Poland. Revisiting the places I used to love in my mind, trying to piece my life together like a novel, I am sharing a snippet of writing with you today. The other image is me, looking back. From the #madbadsadsurvivedthrive novel in […]

Morning Pages Turned Into Paintings

Morning pages turned into paintings from this week with Walking in This World by Julia Cameron As you may know I have been running/hosting a creative recovery circle with two of (who are becoming) my (dear) friends. We have been meeting up since the start of the year and following The Artist’s Way first and […]


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#butterfliesofhope and myself
About Me

Hi, I’m Irena. Previously co-curating the education department at National Gallery in Prague and working freelance as a artist/gallery educator in Czech and the UK, I have been sharing my daily studio a/musings here while in my #artofwithdrawal process.

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