Slow Down, Pleasure Up, for the Time Being

No, I have not been smoking Galoises, or anything else, for that matter, but, to stick with the tabacco advertisement theme…life has been marleyvous (that is an even older one, sorry sorry) this past week as I allowed my body and mind to rest this time of the month. Yes, that time of the month…and […]


I felt I wanted to paint more…also the book Women’s History of the world has been perched on my bedside table for long enough…so what occurred to me is that I am going to have a quick painterly conversation with each of the #50womenartistsyoushouldknow from the book of the same title daily. So far been […]

A rose is a rose is a rose

This week spent in the studio (keeping my ass in there) painting and writing was a bit bumpy, as usual…but getting there…navigating the ups and downs of the creative process…following the flow of thoughts, hints and inspirations. Today started off by writing a newsletter for the past month…it was 7/7 after all…if you want to […]


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#butterfliesofhope and myself
About Me

Hi, I’m Irena. Previously co-curating the education department at National Gallery in Prague and working freelance as a artist/gallery educator in Czech and the UK, I have been sharing my daily studio a/musings here while in my #artofwithdrawal process.

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