Reflecting and sharing myself around…and Monoprints and shosteeto

This week I have started my yearly reflection of sorts. Do you do yours? I have been doing this publicly (semi, kinda) by sharing my #artingadvent calendar pieces along with their inspirations. Daily I share one of this year’s pieces and reflect on its initial inspiration as well as life, asking you light probing questions. […]

From Thanksgiving, through to the advent

Happy giving thanks today, happy run up to the festive season, may you have a peaceful one and stay well greetings to all of you. Today I am sharing my Advent Calendar of sorts made up of my paintings from this year…if you want to play a little game, let me know which number speaks […]


Lately, I have been pondering the issue of trust. This piece is a reflection of that…or rather a shout out about it…a trust manifesto of sorts. Trust You, Trust Me, Trust Us, Trusting, Knowing…it reads. Fill in the gaps. I know we can overcome this, get through this winter, with the light inside of each […]

Sweating my prayers

Somewhere between a prayer, body psychotherapy and dance is my daily practice of moving…sometimes I am just lying there, feeling into my body, sometimes I move to music sometimes I stretch into a yoga like pose of my own making…currently experiencing a lower back sacral back pain an feeling into it, what is it about […]


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#butterfliesofhope and myself
About Me

Hi, I’m Irena. Previously co-curating the education department at National Gallery in Prague and working freelance as a artist/gallery educator in Czech and the UK, I have been sharing my daily studio a/musings here while in my #artofwithdrawal process.

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