Butterflies of Hope


this is Irena of Arting.me,


And this was me on June 24th last year. A day after the Brexit referendum. It is me and my Butterfly of Hope. In response to what happened I created more of these daily reminders, with different messages that seemed pertinent at the time and been posting them around my flat, and my neighbourhood. I asked the community too to join in. A butterfly a day keeps the doctor away :-). Now I am putting the idea out there…so if you want to join me..


…you can create your own butterfly here, and add your message of hope: butterfly-template

Feel free to re/create, add and to share, on FB, twitter, instagram, your street, your office window, your computer screen….wherever you feel you are in need of a butterfly hope.


It should be a hopeful reminder to yourself. Of things you (want to) focus on. In the midst of the media and social media storm of “reality”.

After all, the word for butterfly in Greek means the same thing as the human soul, Psyché.

Let’s fill the world with Butterflies of Hope.

Butterfly Love,