Chuck it in a Fuckit Bucket


Fuck-it-Bucket. Or: Chuck it!

I am an artist.

Big statement, I know. Well, it depends on how you view it. Joseph Beuys used to say that we all are. And somebody, whose name I cannot remember, has said that “but only artists know about it.”

But that is not what I wanted to write about…

Biiig statement, big doubts. Constant. However, it seems that I have…finally…got rid of them…and chucked them…in a fuckit…bucket.

Into what? A fuckit bucket…well…actually a fuckit can. This is getting a bit conceptual here – but I only had a watering can available…at the time so I created a fuckit can, instead of bucket…I like the way it kind of says “I Can FUCK IT!”

I keep it next to my table in the studio. Whenever a doubt arises…that kind of nasty one, not the constructive one…I just write it down…read it out loud, identify the usual suspects from personal biography, sometimes caricature with appropriate diction, cross out, crumple up and chuck it…into the fuckit bucket…yes, I can…

It is very liberating…try it.

Actually, I have decided to start making these fuckit buckets (all upcycled and environmentally friendly) to enhance the general wellbeing of the public…and to have some fun…so if you want yours…an ORIGINAL  fuckit bucket BY CHRISTMAS…