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As the life went and goes 🙂


2016…year I restarted

2015…year I woke up

2014…year I moved

2013…year I taught

2012…year I waited

2011…year I graduated

2010…year in Pilsen
2009…year in Prague

2008…year in NG

2007…year in Brno

2006…year I went mad

Most recently I have been taking portrait commissions over Skype and in person in my London studio. I have been drawn to drawing and painting people ever since I started drawing as a child. At the moment I am working on the series “See me to see yourself”.

The portrait session is a space for you to think or talk about anything you like or need. Two to three hours of connecting with yourself. I am there to witness you. See me to see yourself…more clearly, in new light, for who you truly are. All the beauty, wisdom, as well as whackiness and quirkiness. See yourself for who you are – human.


Here are some more examples of my earlier work…

and more recent…commissions as well as more experimental sketches

To arrange a portrait commission, get in touch.

This page is under construction, but let me share what I have created in the past 10 years:

Butterflies among Walls installation for Amnesty International, Everyday Courage photographic series, gallery education projects, sheelenee (mad) jewellery pieces, nudes (See myself series), installations in public space, participative projects as well as portraits.

I had exhibited in the Czech Republic as well as the UK.

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