Butterflies Among Walls (For AI Czech)

Over the summer 2014 I installed a site specific exhibition in Blatná Museum. They have a space in the cellar (a former 19th century local prison), which they use for exhibitions of emerging artists.

I had 400 paper butteflies land on its walls. Each butterly handcrafted and bearing a name of a prisoner of conscience in invisible ink that only lit up, when you shone a special torch on it. Walking down the darkened corridor and cells, you could read some 400 names from Amnesty International database. Most of them individuals, some whole political prisoners camps. Each of the butterflies (and person) were prayed for while I was making them.

The symbol of a butterfly (Psyché in Greek) denotes the human soul and/or psyché since the ancient times.

In one of the cells, you could sign current AI campaign petitions and in another one make your own butterfly with a message for others and/or the prisoners in question. At the opening night I also ran a butterfly making workshop.





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