I love painting people. Ever since I reconnected with my own arting creativity seven years ago, they have been a center of attention for me. I am trying to put my finger on it why…I just like being that witness to somebody, seeing them for who they are.

See metosee you

The portrait session is an opportunity for you to slow down, be with yourself, get seen. The outcome makes an original present (how about you give yourself this Christmas?).

November is my #seemetoseeyourself portrait painting month. I am hoping to paint 30 portraits in 30 days. Sounds a bit nutty…it is. But also should be a lot of fun.

How can you become part of this project? Give me 90 minutes of your time over skype or in-person in my London studio. I will listen to you, do the initial sketching, take photographs and visual notes and listen to you some more while doing that.

After the sitting, you are welcome to have a look at the material, and for me it is time to get cracking at the easel. It usually takes me about a day to create a portrait (formats are variable and negotiable, I choose the colours intuitively upon meeting you but if you have a certain preference, I will accommodate it).

How can you get your portrait session and an original?  Email me here to book a place on the project, then, to secure the original you just pay the price of your daily salary to my paypal account, and I shall package and post the artwork to your address within a week after the sitting.

To book your session, contact me on my email   (

I look forward to painting  (with) you!

Any questions? Just ask me 🙂