Arting Afternoons

Are you ready to take your arting calling more seriously/to the next level?

What is stopping you?

Do tell. I can help.

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I have taken myself from insecure to installation exhibition. From theory (art history) to practice (my own exhibitions in a gallery space) –  without going to art school, without my parents’ or my closests’ approval then, without rich husbands (I used to have one, but that was not  one of his attributes), with a severe mental health issue that I have recovered from on the way. Arting has helped me and healed me.

Today, I art away, write about creativity for one of the most popular psychology websites in Czech, run my own arting challenges and e-courses and teach in the community where I live. And that is just the professional side of the matter :-).

Let me help you envision and create your own arting dream.

You may be only just starting. And that is alright. You may have started and stopped, started and stopped. And that is alright. You may have had a few early successes…but still it is not feeling right. And that is alright.

Let me help you get to the bottom of it, create a plan, take action and see what a difference an Arting Afternoon can make to your arting life.

You can utilize the Arting Afternoon in two ways:

  • take it out all in one for a big en-visioning, analyzing, conceptualizing and strategizing session in person or over skype.
  • Or, in three steps over a space of say a month, if you need some help with a particular issue (like getting stuck, not feeling inspired, burnout, lack of confidence…).

Pick my coaching/art therapy and teaching brains. Use me! Do!

I am here for you.

The cost of the Arting Afternoon sessions (including pre-session prep and post-session de-brief) is 333,- GBP payable via Paypal. Installment plans are available too. Just get in touch.