How do you start the arting journey, to become the artist/human you truly are?

In order to become the humans and artists we  truly are,

we often need to revisit the artist and people we have (not) been until now.


We need to dig deeper.

The work comes in layers.

Peel off one, another one appears next time you do the process.

In order to become the artist you are, look, remember, peel off, do the work.

Throw some arting at it.


The #artingautobiography self-interview

has been designed to help you start this process.

It is 33 questions to help you remember, remind yourself and unblock creatively.

Word of caution: it is subtle yet powerful.

Sign up through the form to get it and start

your arting journey today. 

Don’t forget, once you answer, to let me know what bit has moved you most.

We’ll take it from there.


Sincerely yours,


Irena Ellis, artist/educator/creativity coach

who has come from an insecure art history student to exhibition for Amnesty International CZ…and beyond.