Arting Away Month Challenge

Tadaaa, finally, happy to announce a new run of my e-course for those who want and need a fast, fun and effective way to unblock, re/discover and further explore their arting creativity in less than an hour a day. And for those who have a project in mind they have been procrastinating on…an ideal accountability and support place.

It is for those who fear. It is for those who procrastinate. It is for those say nah, can’t be me…me…arting? No way, yet they are secretly longing to, hardly admitting it to themselves. For those in denial. It is for those making first tentative steps. It is for those who have started, and stopped, and started, and stopped again. It is for those who want help with sustaining their creative drive. It is for you.

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By the end of the month you will have started your arting process, learned some useful creative habits and removed most of those nasty blocks and limitations that have been stalling you in your tracks. You will have made a considerable leap in your current project if you are working on some. On top of that you might experience the following: sense of fun, energy level rise and confidence in your own creativity. You will have reconnected with yourselves, explored your perceived limitations, and gone beyond them, had fun…possibly gone a bit crazy or sane, depending on what you need more at the moment.

I have used a modified version of this process to get me from insecure to installation exhibition. It took a couple of years of exploration but I have distilled the best of the process into this e-course and piloted it with others so that it is as fast as it can be for you.

Are you getting curiouser and curiouser? How does it work?

There are three components to it:

  • Morning Writing (similar to Brande and Cameron’s Morning Pages) – connects you to/with you,
  • Daily Arting Reflection (a short exercise around your creativity issues)  get those bollocks buggers and
  • MicroArting (your twenty minutes of creative fun a day) – establishing your creative practice/flexing creative muscle and habit.

All coming conveniently to your email daily and on a closed FB forum. Together they take about an hour to complete,  and accumulated have the desired effect: a consciously creative and creating you. They needn’t be done together though, you can mix and match them throughout your day. If you cannot do all three, do two at least, and you can still reap the benefits.

The Arting Away Challenge Month way is currently going for  99 GBP (imagine it is a cup of coffee with me a day for a doable full packed month of support and accountability) so that is it available to as many people as possible.

Also, if you feel you need more support, you can always get 1:1 creativity coaching pre, mid and post challenge for the total of 222 GBP. Let me know if you are interested in this option.

To sum it up, this e-course contains:

  • Daily e-lessons delivered to your e-mail containing your Daily Arting Exercise and MicroArting Task.
  • You do your Morning Writing, if possible daily for 20 minutes
  • It takes less than an hour a day to complete the whole process
  • You can do 1/2 of it and still see shift in your creativity. Actually, even if you concentrate on your 20 minutes a day of arting, only, you will have logged a whole day of arting over the course of the month.
  • There is a supportive and safe online FB community to share your discoveries, joys or troubles to be overcome, and for accountability and further inspiration.

Do you still have questions? Pop them in here.

How much does it cost? The early bird offer of 99 GBP for a doable full packed month of support and accountability. That is one coffee a day. Do you want to have it with me?

The next Arting Away Month will be run after the summer ends in October. 

Do you want to join us? Email me on: for details or purchase here.

Careful! This Early Bird offer lasts until 5th September…sooo get in quick :-).  and spread the word!

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