All the books on art I ever…

…read or even translated!

I mean it was the #internationaltranslationday the other day and it made me think and remember:

To name just one, perhaps the most volumnous…my lill wee contribution to Czech posterity.

And also…wonder what else I would still like to read or even appear in ;). I used to be conceited, now…obviously…I am perfect!

I was kinda hoping for the next edition of The Story of Art Without Men…once I get on Katy’s list, no doubt doable.

Meanwhile reading theeese.

What are you reading? Needn’t be art related…just enjoyable to you. Do share!!

Why is it that the artist on art is sooo thin compared to the art historical analyticizing volumes? That itself speaks volumes, and the art/ist for itself/herself. Who knows…what I know it really is bloody difficult to write about my own stuff on top of creating it…bear with me though.

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Homage to a pear

…aka, how to make a pear, how to paint it monumental as it is, leaving me in awe…

…as does the whole of nature at this time of the year, especially.

That was the task for this week. See here what I came up with.

I can sense some writing coming out of this too. Perhaps influenced by an itch initiated by reading Pure Colour by Sheila Heti.

Enjoy and let me know how/if you do!

Painting my way through the mourning the losses phase

If anything, the wave of mourning and commemoration of the late monarch has brought on a wave of critical thinking and an urge to paint a bit more: you be a judge of that.

Selfportrait, Me myself… and the Queen?

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#artingme challenge outcomes and learnings

As part of my healing process I have dug in into my #artingme process once again. It is a seven day guided creativity challenge. This time I was sharing it with people around the world on insta.

For a week I sat mostly in the garden writing and arting following the guided daily prompts.

Still digging the process a week later and offering the prompts in a form of an e-book to download here:

Enjoy and let me know how you are getting on!


This painting titled Tulips for Elena was created this February and named in March, as the war in the Ukraine started and started to take its first toll…on the people of the Ukraine and myself too.

The Prem Rawat Foundation is one of the agencies providing, through its Food For People, humanitarian relief on the ground through its partners in Kyiv, namely The Soup Kitchen. Check out more here

Elena is a friend of mine, an acquaintance perhaps to be more precise, but the kind of an acquaintance you do not forget, as we had met at Dion McInnes’s photography workshop in Pilsen in 2010, and I vividly remember taking each other’s portrait photographs and talking life…and how strong and heartfelt she spoke about never ever leaving her home country…little did we know…then.


If you want to see this one and more of the works I am sharing as part of the fundraiser, head over to my, and get in touch for a digital print. In return I will send you a donation link. Easy. Every little helps.

Thank you.

Digging myself outta a hole…again

So, I have not blogged for nearly five months…the reason being…or having been, another dip on my taper journey…this time the supersensitivity psychosis kicked in when watching the first images of the Ukrainian war. It took me into catatonic/vegetable like states, needed to reinstate my drug and taking it slowly, digging myself outta that hole again: hence kittens, tea and gentle connections on whatsapp…with family and friends. My partner has once again proven himself to be a lion in disguise.

Feeling so grateful for every day I do not rhyme, stutter or get stuck over something petty because of paranoia…spliced with moments of heightened awe and insights into peace and human condition over puehr tea.

After my mum and sister visited and combed my hair properly in months, I took this photograph and even ventured as far as capturing this somewhat volatile and shaky state in a feeling self-portrait. This is what I look like and feel like on the inside, respectively.

Will keep you posted about my recoveries discoveries. Watch this space.

And let me know how you are getting on :-).

Tulips Continued, and me too

Tulips Again

The two artificial tulips hanging in my studio have become a starting point for exploration of or a metaphor for my inner states of being while in withdrawal from prescription drugs. Definitely on the feeling side kind of paintings. Felt lot better for having painted them. Pain, doubt, loss…all transmuted into something else. Hopefully!

What feelings do they evoke in you?

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Tulips and Tea Cups


This week culminated in these two paintings while listening to bbc6 and dancing myself out of whatever is inside.

I am learning that truly all of my art is art as therapy. At the moment I seem not to be able to paint otherwise.

So…sharing, from the deep life to darkness to a teapot for two. Enjoy.

Tea for Two

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Meanwhile have a great and restful weekend!