#betheartistyouare and #neklid

This week I have fully dived in into my inner healing process…both with arting and writing. It has brought stuff up, I have had to rest and process, let the body do the work, let my soul/psyche and heart heal.

I had published my #neklid story for an anti/alternative psychiatry blog in Czech. Here it is. It has ruffled my feathers in September when I was in a tapering process on a much lower dosage than I am now. I had been talking to people in Chci zit bez psychofarmak and NEKLIDni fb groups about it and their shared experience, supporting each other.

What came up for me from this was the necessity of addressing my trauma experience through some form of bodywork, so have revisited what I know from biosynthesis and other body oriented psychotherapeutic approaches.

On the practical level, the theme of absolute acknowledgement and appreciation came up…and that of hundred percent responsibility for myself…my feelings, my health, my life. I am no child anymore. I am forty this April. What it means to be an adult in this day and age though remains up to debate…discuss. Especially with past psychiatric and psychology experience. Still getting over it, through it and on with it šŸ˜€ <3.

Since last week I have also started the teeny weeny #betheartistyouare challenge in the FB Arting group. Been posting the prompts…and so flooded with all the above that not fully focussed on them myself. Back to it though as of today as the theme of radical healing, forgiveness and self care are knocking on the door once again.

See me to see yourself…in Arting…or through my images, paintings, portraits, photography and projects…above the latest #foundaroundthestreettreasure with Hermes wings and lotus flowers…see what the cat, aka my partner dragged in. Bless him. I can see a painting in that…among others.

What are you arting right now? Do leave a comment or get in touch otherwise.














The Outline of Me…in waiting while withdrawing

While following my own advice in #becometheartistyouare challege

I have restarted my morning pages painting series.

This morning.

I had been experimenting with them previously earlier this year and it seems am back to them…now…

…the time feels right in my #artofwithdrawal. The art that I have been making over the past couple of years has been a true arting…bearing witness to my withdrawal process.

As I am shedding the miligrams of my drug I am coming to…and living trough all that jazz. And bearing witness in the #artofwithdrawal project to be shown next year…when I am out of the woods.

Outline of Me

This painting is from this morning. A detail of it.

Writing my morning pages on a large scale tracing paper…and taking the most drawn to snippets of thoughts thus captured as a starting point, this one is of me on a sofa…or the outline of me…the outer identity drained out, hardly recognizable…by the demands of another taper round…who am I really?

A human, woman, artist, wife to be, a friend…all of these yet not grounded enough in them. Grounding in myself. Looking for the inner connection of breathing, of the energy that feeds me.

Living. Regardless of outer shenanigans of the world, withdrawn, the words of my thoughts having disappeared in the dark background already too.

There’s nothingĀ  else to do here, but to sit on the sofa…and breathe.

For the moment anyway.

Where are you at…arting-wise? Let me know: irena.ellis.arting@gmail.com