How to Creativity (Day 19): Break the rules

Photo on 04-10-2015 at 13.31 goes without saying that in order to break the rules the best, one would better know them.


What is your take?

In the #becometheratistyouare challenge we are, in the second half of the month of May looking at some of the elements and guiding principles of art making…and how we deal with them, and also what that tells us about ourselves and how we deal with the world. Also, they feed into the process of our art-making. So…if you are curious, and want to know more…head here.




How to Creativity (Day 18): Go somewhere new

…somewhere you have never been…even if it is just that street round the corner you have never ventured into…or the aisle in the supermarket you never entered.

Go…have a look around. And see what you discover.

Alternatively…take your camera and try to see your usual route to work as if you had never been on it before. Put your newbie/beginner glasses on. See what happens. Tell us/share your results.


P.S. May is the #becometheartistyouare challenge month. In twenty minutes a day of arting…you develop your creativity and learn s…loads (excuse my French) about yourself, the world around you and the stuff in between. That is what good art does, and that is what we shall be doing…arting. Are you in yet?

How to Creativity (Day 17): Get lots of rest


Take breaks.

Stare out of the window.

Get enough sleep.

Get a bit bored.

Look after your body, good food, plenty of fluids.

All this is necessary for your creative tank to stay full and ready to be tapped into.

So today, no matter if and how you celebrate Easter (comes from the pagan goddess Ostara, did you know? ;-)), refill your creativity tank with some rest and self-care.

Just do nothing. Rest. Pause. Stop.

I shall.


P.S. Back tomorrow with more info on #becometheartistyouare challenge, which starts soon, in two weeks. And which you can join now on pwyw basis.

Hopelessly creative…

…was the brand tagline I came up with on my instagram feed. When I was trying to fit in my painting, my jewellery and my teaching into one basket (Easter eggs pun intended).

So, mi dears…in case you don’t know…I am hopelessly creative.

See here:

I have been working on my  #seemetoseeyourself portrait project since last year. Started off as a connecting lifeline to the world – talking and painting friends over skype, this evolved into its own life upon finding out that I somehow (don’t ask me how) manage to capture how people feel and are on the inside at the time we speak/I paint them. Also it turned out that these portrait sessions were rather therapeutic, even without speaking, because the act of being seen, being witnessed is a powerful one, even over skype.

The #silverlining jewellery collection came about as an answer to my childhood memories and a spring cleaning discovery of a jar filled with these 70s and 80s vintage plastic beads. The result is simple, playful…yet somehow profound I find. :-). Pun intended again.

And as you may know, I have been writing a book, and most recently turned it into a 30-day challenge e-course #becometheartistyouare. You can join us for a rollercoaster of exploration, discovery and authentic art making. All you need is twenty minutes a day, a sketchbook, pencil, phone camera and yourself. No prior arting experience required. Promised.

Art as therapy. Art as an answer. If in doubt, throw art at it. Has been my motto ever since…well, way back ten years minimum. Before that I was hopelessly stuck. Fearing I was not talented enough…and not entitled to create at all. It hurt. It itched. It burst.

Bit like a butterfly out of a cocoon.

And the butterfly is fluttering its wings…and spreading the message and if you feel inspired by any of it…join me on the challenge, or get yourself a portrait session or a fun ring or a set.

All on post-Easter offer. Rather generous one. Get in touch if interested.

How to Creativity (Day 16): Allow yourself to make mistakes

# 1 Make a bad drawing

Making mistakes, messing up, failing…all welcome in the creative process.


Because you can learn from these messes. They are a treasure trove of learning.

In fact, I don’t think it is possible to truly learn without making a mess of it. The more you mess up, the more mistakes you make and work with, the more you learn.

So try to embrace your mistakes…and see them for what they truly are…learning opportunities.

And taking it up a notch…perhaps there is nothing like a mistake…because when you are creating something truly new…there is no “image” you are trying to aspire to, no preconceived pattern.

So…here is my thought for today: maybe it is not a mistake…maybe it is a discovery!

How many discoveries/mistakes can you make today?


This creativity series is a warm up to May, which is a #becometheartistyouare challenge month. Are you joining us? Easter is a pwyw offer time…so make use of it while it lasts!



How to get and stay creative (Day 13): Get feedback.


From  good sources.

Asking for feedback is an art in itself.

Discern. Use critical thinking. Don’t take it personally. Or do…just with a pinch of salt.

Take in what sounds right (in your heart).

Be good to yourself.

Turn the inner critic to your inner coach and cheerer-on.

Share. Do it. See what happens.

And tell us. Here.


This how to creativity series is geared to warm us up for May, the month to #becometheartistyoure. A 30-Day challenge taking your from zilch to authentic work of art and sharing it. In twenty minutes a day. Are you in?


How to Creativity (Day 12): Surround yourself with creative people

Yes. Somebody had said that you are the sum of the five people you spend most time with.

Who is it then?

Choose wisely.

Add. Eliminate.

Surround yourself with those who empower you, support you and encourage you.
Last time I was looking for creative friends…I hid a secret message in my favourite books in the library. Some interesting interactions ensued. And one good friend resulted.

Last time I thought about this, I stopped talking to my Dad. :-). Since then we reconnected, but for some time I needed that time-out from him and our interactions.

Think about it, then go and do it.  Nothing to lose. A world of you to gain.

And if you are stuck a bit, why not join us in the Arting FB group. And did you know that May was the month to #becometheartistyouare 30-Day Challenge? Check it out!



How to get and keep creative (Day 3): Try Freewriting

photo-on-09-02-2017-at-13-37…you could approach this one in several ways:

  • Stream of consciousness record of where you are currently in your notebook.
  • Opening up the closest book/magazine on page three, picking up the third word and taking it as your theme, writing anything that comes to mind connected to it.
  • Taking the first word you see in your surrounding as a theme and clustering/mindmapping around it, writing up a small freewriting vignette based on it.

For example, as I am sitting in the Costa Café on Brighton beach waiting on my partner, there is a poster right in front of me with the word SLEEPLESS plastered over it. So I take it as my theme word.


The freewriting vignette based on follows:

Lying sleepless with you by my side. For five months fighting the battle of Constantinople in the dark with flashes of light on the ceiling, and you, the dark Saracene bringing me fried eggs when it gets lighter. The history and life lessons intertwined, hallucinating, wondering if meeting you was one of the lucky accidents or chances…like that time I just threw a dice and got the right answer. 

🙂 Share as much or as little as you feel. But try to have a go. And see where it takes you.

In April I am sharing these lill’ creativity arting prompts to get limbered up for May, which is A Month to #becometheartistyouare.  You can join us in the Arting group on FB.