How to get and stay creative (Day 6): Take Breaks

Photo on 08-10-2015 at 15.20How many breaks have you taken today? If you are working 9 to 5 or a version of thereof, you should really have taken at least 4 (four!), as our brains and minds inhabiting it work best in max. 90 minute spurs.

But really, it is all in the listening to our bodies and taking those lill’ minibreaks whenever we feel like – follow your body, it knows it best. Have a glass of water, move about, take a twenty minute nap, if need be, look out of the window…whatever you like to not-do.

Creativity thrives on empty space – hence if you manage to create a 15- minute empty/boredom space a day, a break from all the thinking, working, deciding…you will start to tap into it. Give it space. Take a break.

And let me know how it went.

In April I am posting these mini how to creative prompts to get us ready for May, which is the Month to #becometheartistyouare. Enjoy and why not join us here, for sharing the journeys.