Ten Days to Christmas Tidy Up: Experimenting with Leftover Materials

Soooo…as part of the Christmas cleanup I have tackled the studio corner. Given that I have been involved with gallery education previously, my studio stack of materials is pretty varied: from pencils to fabrics, the tools from camera to sewing machine.

Faced with the task of tidying it all up and giving it some new order, I have decided to make use of materials I had not used in the past year (much) and see where that takes me.

The results are below.


#upcycled a couple of dresses and created my #pompomstatement necklaces and made them into an etsy product.

Fun fun fun.

And then…I attacked my pastels…and almost used them all up. Will be writing about that in a separate post. But here, touched up the Pear, Meditation on Light which I painted earlier this year.

IMG_0613 (2)

The moral of the story…if in doubt, and especially when stuck…tidy up and use up ol’ stuff. It opens up new spaces and leads you to new places. Really really.

Hope you can enjoy your christmas in a fresh studio/space that is inviting you to create.




I was trying to make Christmas cards…and this came out of it, anyway…

IMG_0569 (2)I still had good time with tracing paper, acrylics, felt-tip and my hands….messy time, but a good one.

The final countdown is on…2017 (no matter how artificial the calendar is…and abgesehen davon, that all is NOW, always NOW anyway, or is it?) is finishing soon. The general mood of reflection and hope in the air. Looking back and dreaming lives up again on many people’s minds.

Do you have a special way to reflect on the year just gone? I usually do so in painting, the messy way, recollecting every month and painting a single sheet of painting. Shall be posting soon.

And how about dreaming up the 2018? Let me know if you have your special way to go about it. Would love to hear from you.

In the meantime…we are the angels we have been waiting on.

Christmas cards on! Btw…if you do like this one, I can make you a print 😉 Just drop a line.





The whole Christmas thing…

…goodwill and peace to men. Why cannot we have it all year round? Just asking…


Anyway, as it is the run-up to Christmas I am offering my own little pressie to you:

It is right for you if you feel you would like to have fun, discover a few things about yourself and develop your arting.

When you get in touch NOW, you can get my #becometheartistyouare course with the coaching and community for only £99 (usually it comes to £299).

That is an equivalent of an arting coffee with me a day for a month of January.

Check it out here

#becometheartistyouare (1)

If you are interested, or you know of someone who might be, just drop me an email on irena.ellis.arting@gmail.com today and let me know. First come, first serve…putting the kettle on!