How to Creativity (Day 16): Allow yourself to make mistakes

# 1 Make a bad drawing

Making mistakes, messing up, failing…all welcome in the creative process.


Because you can learn from these messes. They are a treasure trove of learning.

In fact, I don’t think it is possible to truly learn without making a mess of it. The more you mess up, the more mistakes you make and work with, the more you learn.

So try to embrace your mistakes…and see them for what they truly are…learning opportunities.

And taking it up a notch…perhaps there is nothing like a mistake…because when you are creating something truly new…there is no “image” you are trying to aspire to, no preconceived pattern.

So…here is my thought for today: maybe it is not a mistake…maybe it is a discovery!

How many discoveries/mistakes can you make today?


This creativity series is a warm up to May, which is a #becometheartistyouare challenge month. Are you joining us? Easter is a pwyw offer time…so make use of it while it lasts!




How to get and stay creative (Day 13): Get feedback.


From  good sources.

Asking for feedback is an art in itself.

Discern. Use critical thinking. Don’t take it personally. Or do…just with a pinch of salt.

Take in what sounds right (in your heart).

Be good to yourself.

Turn the inner critic to your inner coach and cheerer-on.

Share. Do it. See what happens.

And tell us. Here.


This how to creativity series is geared to warm us up for May, the month to #becometheartistyoure. A 30-Day challenge taking your from zilch to authentic work of art and sharing it. In twenty minutes a day. Are you in?


How to Creativity (Day 12): Surround yourself with creative people

Yes. Somebody had said that you are the sum of the five people you spend most time with.

Who is it then?

Choose wisely.

Add. Eliminate.

Surround yourself with those who empower you, support you and encourage you.
Last time I was looking for creative friends…I hid a secret message in my favourite books in the library. Some interesting interactions ensued. And one good friend resulted.

Last time I thought about this, I stopped talking to my Dad. :-). Since then we reconnected, but for some time I needed that time-out from him and our interactions.

Think about it, then go and do it.  Nothing to lose. A world of you to gain.

And if you are stuck a bit, why not join us in the Arting FB group. And did you know that May was the month to #becometheartistyouare 30-Day Challenge? Check it out!



How to Creativity Challenge (Day 7): Sing…anywhere

Photo on 24-05-2015 at 10.07

I mean it. If you must…sing in the shower. Or somewhere nobody can hear.


What is your inner song?

Is it a popular melody from the radio? Is it your own hum? Your own tune?

Listen to yourself. Carefully. Tune into the radio of you.

And then…go, and create.

See what happens!

I have been posting these creative challenge prompts as a way of warming up to #becometheartistyouare 30Day challenge that starts in May. If you want to share your journey, why not join us in Arting group.

More tomorrow!

How to get and keep creative (Day 5): Stop Beating Yourself Up


In other words…forgive yourself and hug yourself…this is a new day. The past is the past. It is a different country, they do things differently there. You have most likely punished yourself enough, learnt your lessons and now you can do things…differently. React to things differently. Have a new life.

If your negative inner dialogue is especially persistent, try to turn it around. Write down all your negative thoughts and turn them around, into positive affirmative statements:

E.g. I am not good enough artist. turns into I am working towards becoming a brilliant artist. or even I am a brilliant artist. Whichever one sounds/rings more true to you.

You could even try to say these to yourself in front of a mirror. It might feel quite a bit unnatural at first…but soon enough…say in three weeks of reaffirming…it is likely to become your second nature, new belief system, supporting your new set of actions.

Go, experiment, report how it went.

I have been posting these little snippets of creativity coaching in April in order to warm up for May, which is the Month to #becometheartistyouare. You can join us in the challenge here.

How to get and keep creative (Day 4): Computer fast

Going on a virtual fast can be hard…yet totally worth it :), says I as I close mine (computer) for the day, off onto pastures virtually free 🙂

What could you do when you are not online? Look around…don’t panic…and have fun with it. Report the results later in the day/evening 🙂

In April I am posting these mini creative prompts to get us tuned into our creativity and arting…in order to kick off in May with a Month to #becometheartistyouare. Join us here for more sharing fun.

How to #becometheartistyouare? Join me in May…or in April for that matter

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