Everyday Courages…five years on. Are you joining me?

Five years ago, I created a photographic series Everyday Courages as part of a digital photography class by Dion McInnis. The class and my resulting work proved to be more about life than photography…if that makes sense.

For a week I just walked around and looked and saw…what I was seeing.


These were the resulting images.

Everyday courages…

to get up,

to get lost,

to get out again,

to get hurt,

to hang loose,

to grow,

to smile,

to create

and to touch.

Now looking back at them, I feel like revisiting these Everyday Courages and finding out if/how they have changed for me since 2011.

So I am going to look around and see again, at what I see…with this particular focus in mind.

And…if you feel like…you could join me…this time round.

I feel like collecting our Everyday Courages, get inspired by them and encouraged.

If this speaks to you…would you send me your images with a title in the format “Courage to…”?

I am not quite sure where this will go…but I have a feeling, in my couer/heart, the heart of the word encourage, that I should explore this with others.

If you have any questions, ideas or answers…pop them in here. I am looking forward to them.





How to get and stay creative (Day 10): Listen to some new music!

Remember how yesterday I wrote about the roots in the originality of our art, and growing wings?

Well, listening to new music can help you do just that. Nothing against your oldies goldies and personal evergreens…however, new, before unheard piece of music can take you to new places, literally.

How do you pick it? A bit of Dada perhaps? Or just go to youtube and see what they recommend for you based on what you already listen to…or ask your friends or leaf through your favourite mag’s culture/music section.

Do it today, listen to some new music…and report the findings, insights, and ahas :-). Why not join us in Arting group for that?



This creativity challenge is a warm up to May which is a month to #becometheartistyouare. To find out more about this group month-long arting challenge, go here.

How to Creativity Challenge (Day 7): Sing…anywhere

Photo on 24-05-2015 at 10.07

I mean it. If you must…sing in the shower. Or somewhere nobody can hear.


What is your inner song?

Is it a popular melody from the radio? Is it your own hum? Your own tune?

Listen to yourself. Carefully. Tune into the radio of you.

And then…go, and create.

See what happens!

I have been posting these creative challenge prompts as a way of warming up to #becometheartistyouare 30Day challenge that starts in May. If you want to share your journey, why not join us in Arting group.

More tomorrow!

How to get and keep creative (Day 4): Computer fast

Going on a virtual fast can be hard…yet totally worth it :), says I as I close mine (computer) for the day, off onto pastures virtually free 🙂

What could you do when you are not online? Look around…don’t panic…and have fun with it. Report the results later in the day/evening 🙂

In April I am posting these mini creative prompts to get us tuned into our creativity and arting…in order to kick off in May with a Month to #becometheartistyouare. Join us here for more sharing fun.

How my morning discipline is helping me write the book

Photo on 04-10-2015 at 13.31This book of mine…can be a real pain…but/and a real  joy at the same time.

I did not write/got round to it much in February. Instead I deliberately procrastinated making jewellery (and selling some) and preparing for the Art Open Show at the Telegraph Hill Festival at The White Hart at New Cross Gate (see my instagram feed)…and just relaxing. Don’t know about yourselves, but Feb is my least favourite month in the year. And I spend most of it sleeping, usually. Having said that…we have March now…and I have been marching on again. Dancing along.

I have noticed how much my morning discipline really helps set the tone to the day and the writing and how I spend the first ninety minutes or so determine pretty much how I get on for the rest of the day.

So when I get up, practice and dance…I am all set for the day. And I can get cracking writing. Much easier. I am awake, aware and conscious. Mentally and physically too. Ready to take on the day.

It took some fine tuning and discipline to build a daily discipline :-)…but I am getting there and seeing the results too. You probably know that it takes some three weeks to build a new habit. (After drinking water regularly, this is my second habit I have built this year).

So what you do, you remember/remind yourself daily to do it, stick with it and it slowly becomes a habit. A good one. A good one to have.

Do you have a daily morning discipline? Tell us! What works for you? How did you build it? How are you making sure you stick with it? Or any other powerful working/arting habits? Do share!

In the meantime, arting and writing hats on!

P.S. Update: The book is now available in the form of an e-course. And it is going at an early bird price until the April Fool’s Day…sooo….check it out.



#becometheartistyouare workshop at The Telegraph Hill Festival

Just before Easter…just before heading off on your holidays…you have a chance to drop in at the Telegraph Hill Centre for a couple of hours in the afternoon (from 2 to 5 to be more precise) and #becometheartistyouare.

What to expect? We’ll start with where we are, then get rid of our potential art fears  /Fear of ART equals…?/ and then draw a line. And take it from there. It will be as messy or as clean as you want it to be 🙂 (school age children are welcome when accompanied by an adult, if you have a smaller one and want to take part, why not try together?), materials are going to be provided and no prior art/ing experience is required, really really. We are going to explore our inner inspirations, creating, sharing, having fun. I mustn’t let on too much, but enough to get you interested to come along. Are you? Let me know!

Any questions? Let me know 🙂


The Artist’s Way and Myself / Umělcova cesta a já

Having decided I am going to share the process of the Artist’s Way with others and contribute my experience, in this post I would thus like to outline how exactly the program has helped me become aware of and remove the blocks to my creativity. 

Jelikož jsem se rozhodla, že svůj proces Umělcovy Cesty budu od června do srpna sdílet s ostatními v roli průvodkyně, chci v tomto postu nastínit, v čem přesně mi program pomohl si uvědomit a překonat tvůrčí bloky v mém životě (a že jich bylo…).

For those who do not know the book – it consists of 12 chapters and contains two main unblocking tools as well as exercises. 

Pro ty, co neznají knihu Julie Cameron – skládá se ze 12 kapitol (každá kapitola na jeden týden) a obsahuje dva hlavní nástroje na odblokování stejně jako různá cvičení.

The two tools are the Morning Pages and the Artist’s Date. Personally I have found it lot easier to write the morning pages than stick with the Artist’s date. I have come to realize, that the exercises I resist the most I need the most.

Oněmi dvěma hlavními nástroji jsou Ranní stránky a Umělcovo Rande. Osobně pro mne bylo daleko snazší psát si ranní stránky než chodit na umělcovo rande. Uvědomila jsem si také, že ta cvičení, kterým se nejvíc bráním, nejvíc potřebuju.

A form of free writing, almost a meditation in writing, The Morning pages have helped me to download what was on my mind and sort out my thoughts before the day began, sort out my thoughts, set priorities, deal with all the little or big grievances, troubles and worries. It usually was a great relief to download them. Seeing them on paper often made them seem more manageable. Also ideas emerge out of the unconscious mind, ideas and thoughts you never knew you had. This is the way my first butterfly installation came about – it was born through morning pages.

Ranní stránky jsou vlastně formou volného psaní, téměř jako psaná meditace. Pomohly mi vždy “stáhnout” to, co mi leželo na mysli ještě předtím než den začal, urovnat si myšlenky a stanovit si priority, vyrovnat se s malými i většími problémy, strachy a obavami. Většinou to byla velká úleva, moci je takhle “dowloadovat”. Když jsem je viděla na papíře, často se pak zdály být mnohem zvládnutelnější.Také se děje to, že vám chodí myšlenky z nevědomí, myšlenky a nápady, o kterých jste ani nevěděli, že je máte. Takto vznikla moje první motýlí instalace – narodila se z ranních stránek.



Butterflies, 2012

The Artist’s Way, a trip out of the comfort zone proved lot more difficult. I often felt I do not deserve this me-time and tried to avoid it. However when I did do it – I came out with major breakthroughs in unexpected locales, like that time I went to the zoo and sketched bears lying around, something I had not done in years or climbed a wall of a dilapidating building and took great photos of a dying house, one image becoming a lead onto a photographic and therapeutic workshop I later did with adults. Oh, and it got exhibited in Croatia as a part of an InSEA event. 

Umělcovo rande, výlet z komfortní zóny se ukázal být daleko náročnějším, tedy pro mne. Často jsem si připadala, že si tento čas pro sebe nezasloužím a snažila jsem se mu vyhnout. Nicméně, když jsem se už vypravila – dostavily se zásadní průlomy v nečekaných kulisách: jako třeba tehdy, když jsem šla do zoo a skicovala ležící medvědy, něco (skicování), k čemu jsem se nedostala a vlastně ani nedovážila od základní školy. Nebo když jsme přelezla zeď u rozpadající se budovy a nafotila skvělé fotografie umírajícího domu. Jedna z těchto fotografií se pak stala základem fotografického a arteterapeutického workshopu, který jsem vedla.Jo, a taky bych málem zapomněla, že byla vystavena v Chorvatsku při příležistosti konference InSEA (Mezinárodní společnost pro vzdělávání uměním).

CZ Ellis I Hommage to Rothko 1

Hommage to Mark Rothko, 2010

Each week is focused on a different aspect of healing your creative soul. Slowly slowly catch a monkey. It felt like going on a spiral upwards and at the same time deeper into yourself. 

Každý týden je zaměřen na jiný aspekt uzdravování vaší tvůrčí duše. Pomalu, ale jistě. Cítila jsme, že jdu po spirále nahoru, témata se opakovala a prohlubovala. Nahoru a přitom hlouběji do sebe sama.

At the same time I felt surges of energy and enthusiasm…and inspiration. Followed by periods of pain and despair for having lost so much time already. However most of the time the former feelings prevailed. One thing the book really brings home is that it is never too late. Never too late to start…taking your creativity seriously. As it is your way to healing your life and connecting to something higher. I call this God. And there probably is nothing more than to have this connection and experience is daily. For me anyway.

Zároveň jsem často pociťovala návaly energie a nadšení…a inspirace. Ty se střídaly s obdobími bolesti a zoufalství za to, že jsem už “ztratila” tolik času. Nicméně většinou ty první pocity převažovaly. Jedna z věcí, které totiž tento program opravdu umí je vám dokázat a ukázat, že nikdy není pozdě na to…abyste svou tvořivost začali brát vážně. Protože ona je cestou k uzdravení vašeho života a spojení s něčím vyšším. Pro mne je to Bůh. A pravděpodobně není nic nad to než mít toto napojení a denně jej zakoušet. Tedy, pro mne.

How do you see this? What attracts you to this program/group? What on the other hand worries you?

Jak to vidíte vy? Co vás k této skupině/programu přitahuje? Z čeho naopak máte obavy?

In search of the Spirit of Inspiration/Na stopě Ducha In-spirace

Photo on 08.05.14 at 11.18

Having been left with some of the drawings made by the children in the gallery this week, I have been looking at them more closely and thinking about them.

It occurred to me that there might be an underlying energy below all of these lines representing breath (the process of inspiration to be more exact) and I tried to make it more visible by drawing it out :-). Making it more visible. Making inspiration visible…how cool is that :-)? I may have found or am on track to find the Spirit of Breath. The spirit of inspiration.

Now I know what I am doing in the evenings…am I completely nuts?

Photo on 08.05.14 at 11.18 #2

Po programu v galerii (viz. minulý post) mi zbyly některé kresby “nabrání dechu”. Ležely mi na stole a já se na ně dívala a přemýšlela o nich. Jak je každý ten “nádech”/in-spirace :-)/ jiný.

Došlo mi, že pod těmi liniemi, které nádech reprezentují (tedy proces fyzické in-spirace) je vždy nějaká energie. Pokusila jsem se jí vytáhnout, zviditelnit, ten hlavní proud, siločáry.

Siločáry inspirace…zviditelnění procesu nadechnutí se, nebo v přeneseném slova smyslu inspirace…to je…krásný :-). Našla jsem dost možná Ducha dechu, nebo jsem mu možná na stopě – na stopě duchu inspirace :-).

Už vím, co budu dělat po večerech…

Jsem úplný blázen?