#notsoamusings and #madbadsadsurvivedthrive novel snippet

The photograph above is from Rychleby…in the Sudenteland frontier between Czech Silesia and Poland. Revisiting the places I used to love in my mind, trying to piece my life together like a novel, I am sharing a snippet of writing with you today. The other image is me, looking back.

From the #madbadsadsurvivedthrive novel in the making:

“I once visited the former IG Farben factory, they were showing us students proudly how to make a lithmus paper. It should have all been clear to me from that one instance.

Hindsight is a great thing. Twenty twenty vision. Like a pilot navigating a sky territory with a sun set long time ago. The shamanic teachings tell us that we can travel between the time instances, some other teachings tell us there is only now and to savor each moment, to truly be, present. To be our own true savior.

If I had been present on that tour of a pharma factory that used to be the infamous gas producing monster I would have laughed at the way they were presenting their production to us. But aged twenty-one, I was paying attention. And I would have stopped laughing if I knew I will soon reach for one of their pills and it will change my life forever, not for better.

And I would have gone on laughing with cries, not to be confused with crying with laughter, had I known it will take me roughly give or take twenty years to get out of it.

Now I am on year seventeen, and pronoing and asking the shamanic wisdom to be true, praying god to help me, and breathing, being present every moment.”

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