The above is a very baaad docu in process photograph of a pastel nude I painted for a friend of mine. One of a few I had made so far.

It started off quite innocently: a friend came across some old life drawings of mine when looking through the stuff in my studio – in search of Christmas balls if I remember it correctly. She liked them – the drawings and asked me to paint her. Thus the first painting arose a year and a half ago.

Since then I have painted couple of other friends who have enjoyed the way I painted the friend no. 1. The commission above came about thanks to another of my friends’s husband catching a glimpse of the very first painting and liking it for its lack of the usual “gaze” in it. He said it felt feminine, something about it did.

I really enjoy these painting sessions. In the one where the above painting arose, we spoke about “not knowing what look I look at my husband with”, therefore the blank face…

I am really looking forward to painting more of these, as they are not only a painterly experience but a sharing woman-to-woman stories experience, which I find is never enough these days…in this hectic world.