Tracing the Moon in My Face and Beyond

This month I have been tracing my lunar cycle with self-portraits each day.

I have been choosing the technique intuitively, according to my moon mood. What stayed the same was the format and paper background of the pieces which vary dramatically throughout the month.

You can see some of them here, or why not go to on instagram to see all of the three weeks in one place.

Enjoy some of them here. Excuse docu quality of some of the photographs. More to follow once finished as cycle. Pun intended.

These moon faces of mine gave me more insights for the #seemetoseeyourself portrait sessions that are still ongoing too. 

Let me know what you think…and which moon face of me is your favourite one 🙂


#TelegraphHillFestival #ArtOpenShow @WhiteHartSE

Sooo, it is official. I am showing (off) tadaaa! Again, this year, at The Telegraph Hill Festival Art Open Show at the White Hart at New Cross Gate (on the corner of New Cross Road and Queens Peckham Road) – nice venue. Tonight I went to check it out with their jazzy vibes and mellow stouts.

This is half of what I am showing…the portrait sketches from #seemetoseeyourself project. If you want your own #overacupofcoffeeportrait, get in touch…we could meet there, or some other local venue for a sketching session. Coffee/beer on me. Prices affordable. I love meeting and sketching/portraiting people, so why not make use of it.

I am also showing another three spring inspired pieces, which I am going to show you when I get better pictures of them hung in situ.

The Show is on for the duration of the Festival (until Easter) and my work is to be seen in its first week, the second week another fifteen local artists are showing theirs. It is a nice mixture, varied selection of what is happening up on the Hill artwise: from life drawing class sketches, ink drawings of London, gestural oil drawings, skateboard paintings, Boshean oils to photographs of wrecks at dusk and botanical drawings. Why not come and see it for yourself?  Either this week or the following…or why not come twice. The food has a good reputation…and there is jazz on Sunday night.

Let me know what you thought.




Portraits in Pastel

Recently I got back into pastel portrait painting. Here are a couple of the last ones. I really love the challenge of capturing the expressions and hopefully also the inner nature of the sitter, if lucky.

Photo on 20-12-2015 at 12.34

Pastel is a great medium, as it enables me to use both drawing and painting approaches. I love being able to draw/paint from life, which gives me the opportunity to talk to the person I portray. though these particular ones more recently have been done from photographs.

Photo on 19-12-2015 at 18.50 #2

I really ought to be photographing the process as it is quite interesting – how the layer upon layer of drawing and painting information add up.

Photo on 29-10-2015 at 16.07

Should you want to be my real life model or a have your portrait painted from a photograph, do get in touch on Prices are friendly, starting @50 GBP for the smaller formats.

Photo on 03-11-2015 at 16.48

I look forward to painting you.