What happens when…Tracing myself, my innertapes and my process…

What happens when you start to listen to the inner tape and hear what it says for real?

It might take you to a new place in your arting.

I have been doing that over the past few days and a completely new way of painting has emerged for me.

This is the process in visuals.

It started off with me doing one of my #cycleselfies I had been doing in August-September. But this time I had included what the negative voices in my head had been telling me. Pretty shitty, I tell you. I then thought…right what would it take for me not to feel like a copy? And I followed the impulse to step into the canvas and paint with my own body. Hence the first piece #reachingouttomyself. I was fascinated to see the traces of my body and went onto experiment with them. And the other pieces ensued. #making lovetothecanvas, #headless, #butterfliesinmylap and #bigbaby. Not to mention how enlivened I feel creating these, despite their darkness.

How do they make you feel? What do you think about them? What is your reaction to it?





How to save your Arting Life: Do you do (enough) Reflection and Envisioning?

I have this process, two actually, that have helped me…to stay on track, yet be flexible enough and see the opportunities coming up.photo-on-09-02-2017-at-13-39

I call them Reflection and Envisioning. I do them at the weekend. Every weekend.

On Saturday night…I have a look at the past week:

  • How did I feel? How was it?
  • What have I accomplished?
  • How can I follow up on that? When.
  • What did I not accomplish that I wanted to?
  • What happened? Is it still relevant?
  • Self-coaching the how to the why not. (what would I tell a good friend if she came back to me withe same reason/excuse/story)

Then I leave it to simmer over night, sometimes I do sankalpa about the self-coaching when I am stuck for rational answers.

On Sunday I follow up with these three for the following week:

  • TOP 3 and
  • TOP 1 action steps for the next week plus when.
  • Wanna B….wanna feel…setting the intention for being.


I also have a daily process…but more about it say…tomorrow?

How does that sound to you. How do you keep track? I am a writing animal, so it works for me, but sometimes it is fun, just to do it mentally and keep record. Whoa, that is powerful.  Try it and tell me.