Change of tune, medium and mood‚Ķmaybe? perhaps!

Joys of Crayola, Washable ūüėČ

This week I have been really looking after myself, taking each day slowly and as best as I could…and I ended up yogaing a lot more with the asana rebel app and tinkling the piano (fun working out those old folk tunes by ear) and messing around with crayola, washable at that.

That is more like the/my spirit, I feel, still following my body in the #artofwithdrawal…

How has the valentines week treated you? Currently I am at home listening to storm Eunice, just so grateful have a roof over my head and can watch it from the window.

Also, full moon brought about some interesting dreams and synchronicities, such as finding a discotheque light/stroboscope…and not taking it home with me…aaah.

See more about it on my insta story today

Tulips and Tea Cups


This week culminated in these two paintings while listening to bbc6 and dancing myself out of whatever is inside.

I am learning that truly all of my art is art as therapy. At the moment I seem not to be able to paint otherwise.

So…sharing, from the deep life to darkness to a teapot for two. Enjoy.

Tea for Two

For more go to my insta feed. Prints abailable, contact me for more.

Meanwhile have a great and restful weekend!

UPDATE from the Studio while at #abundantartshow

Over the past week I have been taking part in the #abundantartshow and have had really great response to the work I have posted, which I am excited about.

As the challenge finishes in two days and if you were thinking of having one of my pieces hanging on your wall, the fastest way to purchase it, at the moment is via Saatchi Art. Follow this link to the site to find out more

Also, if the piece you have enjoyed on this website or elsewhere on my social media has not been catalogued at the above yet, just get in touch via email. 

To art and end of summer arting fun.

Speak  soon,


From the studio…notes on creativity gone…out and about and back and forth and bigger better slower more

The withdrawal process is seemingly unpredictable and requires a good measure of “go with the flow”, do what you need to do RIGHT NOW, stay in the MOMENT.

I have been infamously rubbish at it. Learning. Bear with me.

I have been running away from the now, the feelings, the e-motions and physical sensations, allowing my mind either to roam the vast range of regrets in the past or indulge in the promises of the future.

Bugger that. HEEEERE and NOW, my body, mind and spirit require me, to be. Right here, right now, keeping calm, keeping on keeping on….and CHILLing.

Art, i.e. in my case what I call arting has been really helpful. It really is art, I am just still too selfconscious to call it Art with capital A, let alone myself an artist, after thirteen years and counting…when is it gonna finish??? or click?!…, AND/BUT more importantly I really enjoy the processuality of that word ARTING. Bit like playing, messing about, goofing with…whatever.

Anyway…my art…arting has proved a saving grace once again. Above a couple of snapshots from the studio as it is at the moment.

#seemetoseeyourself portraits #couloringbooksforbiggirlswhodontcry, mess on my picture board (how did Nicole Kidman and reinterpretation of Origine du Monde with a butterfly get on there???) and my nest, with the aforementioned affirmative chilling cushion.

What I am trying to say…when I chill, like proper…stop harassing myself for being in recovery, in withdrawal, not in a (proper) job (DOH!!!), being a fake and all the associated nonsense my negative mind churns up on a second to second basis…I can actually just enjoy the peace that is within. AND THAT…is SOMEHING ELSE…then I can create from a place of joy, as in “radost” in Czech, and as we know there is never enough joy…not enough joy in enjoy and “radosti neni snad nikdy dosti”. Only there is more and more…when I allow myself to notice it.

So…I wish you a merry rest of the holiday season, and check out #premrawat if you get a minute. It is SOOO worth it. I just keep forgetting…and need to be reminded…all the time. Honest.

5 steps to tidy up your studio (the GTD way, skeletons, warts and all)

The below are the skeletons discovered and recovered from the site of my studio.

When at a loss what to do….or if you are in the middle of an important project, simply, when in doubt…TIDY UP. The GTD way.

Here is how…

  1. collect: pile it all up, all the papers, loose materials, stools, things on the run
  2. organize: sort through it on the  following basis actionable/nonactionable.
    1. If actionable – do (in two minutes or less), ditch, delegate, delay.
    2. If non-actionable (that is would take more than two minutes to do, ditch, delegate or delay) – schedule, file.
  3. do the action….do not procrastinate on anything, tidydididdidiiiidy, tidydodododododoooo. make that choice and stick with it.
  4. recheck your in-trays. you are up to scratch.
  5. failing that….burn the house down…ehm, not very funny, given what has been happening in London and elsewhere recently. No…really, if you have followed the top four…now you can probably enjoy, the long forgotten skeletons and more space (ideally). And new energy.

Has worked for me. What system do you use?

Do let me know.