Art Open Show…what to show?

Preparing for the Telegraph Hill Festival  Art Open Show which is coming up on 11th March at two venues at New Cross Gate – the Mughead Coffee and the White Hart  I was faced with the inevitable question: what to show?

What has come up in the past year that I want to share?

The Butterfly Inspiration series?

The Traces of Me series?55CD38CE-B30C-4550-9A60-BB30F1FBE17F

Or Watching Myself series?

Or the Alphabet/inner and outer landscape series?

And the winner is…#seemetoseeyourself portrait series duo.


As I have really enjoyed working in this process a lot.

Witnessing the sitter. Connecting on some deeper level…most people say I manage to capture how they really feel…sometimes they say that is not necessarily a good thing…and I smile.

I used to joke about myself that I am like NOKIA…connecting people…to themselves.

The blue one is a portrait of my Grandmother. Babicka.

Being the way she is, she only allowed me to take a photograph that was the basis and reference for this work…it is still waiting on her to see it.

Do you want to get your #seeemetoseeyourself portrait session? Get in touch

Or see you at the informal opening of the show on Sunday, March 11th.


#TelegraphHillFestival #ArtOpenShow @WhiteHartSE

Sooo, it is official. I am showing (off) tadaaa! Again, this year, at The Telegraph Hill Festival Art Open Show at the White Hart at New Cross Gate (on the corner of New Cross Road and Queens Peckham Road) – nice venue. Tonight I went to check it out with their jazzy vibes and mellow stouts.

This is half of what I am showing…the portrait sketches from #seemetoseeyourself project. If you want your own #overacupofcoffeeportrait, get in touch…we could meet there, or some other local venue for a sketching session. Coffee/beer on me. Prices affordable. I love meeting and sketching/portraiting people, so why not make use of it.

I am also showing another three spring inspired pieces, which I am going to show you when I get better pictures of them hung in situ.

The Show is on for the duration of the Festival (until Easter) and my work is to be seen in its first week, the second week another fifteen local artists are showing theirs. It is a nice mixture, varied selection of what is happening up on the Hill artwise: from life drawing class sketches, ink drawings of London, gestural oil drawings, skateboard paintings, Boshean oils to photographs of wrecks at dusk and botanical drawings. Why not come and see it for yourself?  Either this week or the following…or why not come twice. The food has a good reputation…and there is jazz on Sunday night.

Let me know what you thought.




<3ly/Cordially inviting you…

…to #becometheartistyouare.

I am not kidding. You are…an artist…and you are becoming. We all are.

If you are intrigued by this proposition, why not come along to my workshop as part of the @TelegraphHillFestival and find out more…for yourself?

We meet on 7th April (Friday before Easter, I know :-)) in the Craft Room at The Telegraph Hill Centre on the Telegraph Hill, SE London (New Cross Gate or Nunhead being the closest stations)

Art @ Telegraph Hill Festival

We shall be getting rid of our potential arting fears, and exploring inner and outer inspirations, experimenting, having fun. Bring yourselves and your parents if you are under 12 :-). No prior arting experience required, honest. Just yourself.

I am really looking forward to our artmaking, sharing and filling up Telegraph Hill with artworks (which you should eventually be able to take home with you).

The event is free (though contribution towards materials is always welcome, thank you!)

Are you up for it? Bring a friend along…and let me know on FB, if you are coming :-).

Yours sincerely,

Irena Ellis

your local/international artist/educator/creativity coach.




#becometheartistyouare workshop at The Telegraph Hill Festival

Just before Easter…just before heading off on your holidays…you have a chance to drop in at the Telegraph Hill Centre for a couple of hours in the afternoon (from 2 to 5 to be more precise) and #becometheartistyouare.

What to expect? We’ll start with where we are, then get rid of our potential art fears  /Fear of ART equals…?/ and then draw a line. And take it from there. It will be as messy or as clean as you want it to be 🙂 (school age children are welcome when accompanied by an adult, if you have a smaller one and want to take part, why not try together?), materials are going to be provided and no prior art/ing experience is required, really really. We are going to explore our inner inspirations, creating, sharing, having fun. I mustn’t let on too much, but enough to get you interested to come along. Are you? Let me know!

Any questions? Let me know 🙂