Ten Days to Christmas Tidy Up: Experimenting with Leftover Materials

Soooo…as part of the Christmas cleanup I have tackled the studio corner. Given that I have been involved with gallery education previously, my studio stack of materials is pretty varied: from pencils to fabrics, the tools from camera to sewing machine.

Faced with the task of tidying it all up and giving it some new order, I have decided to make use of materials I had not used in the past year (much) and see where that takes me.

The results are below.


#upcycled a couple of dresses and created my #pompomstatement necklaces and made them into an etsy product.

Fun fun fun.

And then…I attacked my pastels…and almost used them all up. Will be writing about that in a separate post. But here, touched up the Pear, Meditation on Light which I painted earlier this year.

IMG_0613 (2)

The moral of the story…if in doubt, and especially when stuck…tidy up and use up ol’ stuff. It opens up new spaces and leads you to new places. Really really.

Hope you can enjoy your christmas in a fresh studio/space that is inviting you to create.




5 steps to tidy up your studio (the GTD way, skeletons, warts and all)

The below are the skeletons discovered and recovered from the site of my studio.

When at a loss what to do….or if you are in the middle of an important project, simply, when in doubt…TIDY UP. The GTD way.

Here is how…

  1. collect: pile it all up, all the papers, loose materials, stools, things on the run
  2. organize: sort through it on the  following basis actionable/nonactionable.
    1. If actionable – do (in two minutes or less), ditch, delegate, delay.
    2. If non-actionable (that is would take more than two minutes to do, ditch, delegate or delay) – schedule, file.
  3. do the action….do not procrastinate on anything, tidydididdidiiiidy, tidydodododododoooo. make that choice and stick with it.
  4. recheck your in-trays. you are up to scratch.
  5. failing that….burn the house down…ehm, not very funny, given what has been happening in London and elsewhere recently. No…really, if you have followed the top four…now you can probably enjoy, the long forgotten skeletons and more space (ideally). And new energy.

Has worked for me. What system do you use?

Do let me know.