Arting Book and Box…under way

cropped-win_20180404_15_46_18_pro.jpgI have been quiet, taking things easy and plotting behind the scenes.

Working on several projects. One of them the long conceived and intended Arting book for children.

How would you or/AND your children like to read about and try these things out:

  • write a here and now haiku
  • follow the “inspired by” process of learning from some interesting and fun artists
  • explore nothingness, and then somethingness with drawing, painting, constructing…
  • learn about and to use all the different tools in the artist’s box and mind
  • create your own art of course!!!
  • write your own artist’s manifesto
  • show and share your art with others?

These are just a few things the book covers in 30 “lessons”, “dips” or  perhaps afternoons or days of arting play while we become the artists we already are.

The book is designed to be accompanied by a box with arting tools, resources and surprises.

Stirring well behind the scenes, I would like to invite you to ask your most burning arting questions. Answers in the book ;-). Why not pop them here?

I am looking forward to them.





#Seemetoseeyourself Portraits

There is something about being seen, being witnessed for who you truly are.

The portrait session is a way to sit with it. With yourself and connect. To yourself. I am there to witness that process. The resulting portrait painting in acrylics is a document of that.


Lila, portrait preparatory sketch in acrylics, 2018.

I love doing these, as usually the true spark of a person (I paint women) comes through. How can it not? And I get a chance to glimpse it and paint it. That is the most thrilling part of it all.

Women often tell me I have captured how they feel on the inside, which is what always comes through, beyond the surface of your face, or the canvas.

The way I approach painting the portrait is quite intuitive based on my sensitivity, yet is informed by painterly and drawing techniques and training. I love to map out your face, personality and beyond in bold brushstrokes and meaningful colours.

The seeing and the knowing come together.

The portrait session takes about ninety minutes in my London studio, while we sit with it,  and I take visual notes and reference photographs. When you leave I stay with the material and work with it. The process works online, via skype too.

To book your portrait session to #seemetoseeyourself get in touch.

For the duration of September I am putting on a special offer – you can get your unique portrait for the price of your three working days (minimum GBP 150). That is how long it takes me to finish one piece. For further information, get in touch.

I look forward for you to #seemetoseeyourself.




Arting and Loving Oneself. Work it.

becauseyouareI have recently been thinking about how important it is to integrate selflove into arting.

Or rather how arting requires selflove and makes it grow. And vice versa.

What do I mean by that?I am talking about loving oneself…by giving oneself both space AND boundaries.

Giving oneself  ENOUGH space to pursue your arting – physical, temporal and mental. By enough I mean SOME. To start with, you can begin with as little as 20 minutes a day (this is a principle my #becometheartistyouare challenge works with) and make it grow. Experiment.

The seemingly opposing requirement is to set yourself limits – boundaries, banks of the river through which your arting can flow. So make these twenty-minutes REGULAR, daily appointment. Carry sketchbook everywhere with you and really log in the twenty minutes a day wherever you are. Once a week go through your sketchbook and see what came up. Give yourself some form of structure – like daily and weekly reviews and planning/dreaming up time. Put them into your system. No matter if at home over a cup of tea or on the commuter train on the way from work. Experiment with what works for you.

And work it does, if you make it work.  Make it work by working with what is. Accept. Appreciate. Be Grateful. Be excited. It is exciting! Those are elements of selflove.

Go experiment, work. Enjoy. Regularly!