10 Ways to (not) procrastinate on writing your book, aka Wassup?

1,Writing and not blogging. And 2, Artist’s Waying and artist swaying and recovering yet on another level.

Ad 1, Since the end of May I have been rewriting the #becometheartistyouare challenge manual, aka THE BOOK. It is going well. Procrastination galore. I nearly managed to paint the whole flat too. Oh, and wash the windows. That kind of well.

But today I have given myself a last internal (bleeding) deadline. End of this week. Can be done. Already logged another five hundred words just so, in half an hour. It “just” needs to be written…and perhaps that is what I resist. I think I know the outcome…but also know the process shall guide me. Just need to do it.

Slow and steady. Well that sounds a bit like Strong and Stable…my arse. I choose the Speedy Gonzales approach. To get the  rest of the (second) first draft out of the way.

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Ad 2, On a more personal note, I am co-running the Artist’s Way group again. This time at The Hillstation Cafe, SE14, I believe. Every Wednesday at 9:30 for two hours. Pop in. We are just doing Week Five. You can jump on the wagon with Recovering the sense of Possibilities. We have been three so far…and magic has been happening.  If you need more info about the process, check out my older blog post here.

I really really am looking forward to meeting you in my list (with the Arting Newsletter) and/or in person at the HS. Sooner or later.


Wait…Where are the other eight ways to not procrastinate on your book?


3, jot it. Have a notebook and write longhand in small bits of time you have on your hands during the day away from your computer.

4, log it in your calendar, commit to say an hour a day for writing/typing up. Calculate how this is going to take based on your typing speed.

5, keep track of how much you write daily and give yourself golden or even better, rainbowy, stars

6, after each writing session, reward yourself with a cup of lovely green jasmine tea, or a shot of tequila, the choice is yours, and possibilities are endless (Have I mentioned I was Week 5)

7, revisit your vision for your book, and yourself after you have written it. If you have not created one. Create it now. Visually and stick it on your bathroom mirror.

8, this should have been number 0, but here you go: reflect on what is actually stopping your from writing and address that. Self-coaching. Yes, you do know the answers.

9, Smile at your computer screen. It will smile back. honest.

10. Close all the other apps, emails and distraction, wrote destruction, yes I did, shit. You know which ones. You do. Do it NOW.

Ok, so, there. There were ten. After all.

I am going to report back at the end of the week the latest, ok? Accountability check. Or reality one.






How to get and keep creative (Day 3): Try Freewriting

photo-on-09-02-2017-at-13-37…you could approach this one in several ways:

  • Stream of consciousness record of where you are currently in your notebook.
  • Opening up the closest book/magazine on page three, picking up the third word and taking it as your theme, writing anything that comes to mind connected to it.
  • Taking the first word you see in your surrounding as a theme and clustering/mindmapping around it, writing up a small freewriting vignette based on it.

For example, as I am sitting in the Costa Café on Brighton beach waiting on my partner, there is a poster right in front of me with the word SLEEPLESS plastered over it. So I take it as my theme word.


The freewriting vignette based on follows:

Lying sleepless with you by my side. For five months fighting the battle of Constantinople in the dark with flashes of light on the ceiling, and you, the dark Saracene bringing me fried eggs when it gets lighter. The history and life lessons intertwined, hallucinating, wondering if meeting you was one of the lucky accidents or chances…like that time I just threw a dice and got the right answer. 

🙂 Share as much or as little as you feel. But try to have a go. And see where it takes you.

In April I am sharing these lill’ creativity arting prompts to get limbered up for May, which is A Month to #becometheartistyouare.  You can join us in the Arting group on FB.

How my morning discipline is helping me write the book

Photo on 04-10-2015 at 13.31This book of mine…can be a real pain…but/and a real  joy at the same time.

I did not write/got round to it much in February. Instead I deliberately procrastinated making jewellery (and selling some) and preparing for the Art Open Show at the Telegraph Hill Festival at The White Hart at New Cross Gate (see my instagram feed)…and just relaxing. Don’t know about yourselves, but Feb is my least favourite month in the year. And I spend most of it sleeping, usually. Having said that…we have March now…and I have been marching on again. Dancing along.

I have noticed how much my morning discipline really helps set the tone to the day and the writing and how I spend the first ninety minutes or so determine pretty much how I get on for the rest of the day.

So when I get up, practice and dance…I am all set for the day. And I can get cracking writing. Much easier. I am awake, aware and conscious. Mentally and physically too. Ready to take on the day.

It took some fine tuning and discipline to build a daily discipline :-)…but I am getting there and seeing the results too. You probably know that it takes some three weeks to build a new habit. (After drinking water regularly, this is my second habit I have built this year).

So what you do, you remember/remind yourself daily to do it, stick with it and it slowly becomes a habit. A good one. A good one to have.

Do you have a daily morning discipline? Tell us! What works for you? How did you build it? How are you making sure you stick with it? Or any other powerful working/arting habits? Do share!

In the meantime, arting and writing hats on!

P.S. Update: The book is now available in the form of an e-course. And it is going at an early bird price until the April Fool’s Day…sooo….check it out.



Be(come) the artists you are

Photo on 15-02-2016 at 09.09 #2

Because you are. It might seem obvious to you (welcome, then you are an artist) or not so obvious…and then Joseph Beuys comes into play with his quote that “Everyone is an artist.” …and somebody (whose name I cannot remember) adding to it “…but only artists know about it.”

Be(come) the artist you are. Why? Because you need it. And the world needs you. If you are reading this then the chances are you are an artist, a  be/coming one.

Be/come the artist you are is my latest Play project for the Screw Work Break Free 30 Day Challenge. It is what I am and what I do…and have been doing for years now (trying to work out what kind of creative animal I am) knowingly or unknowingly. Inspiring and encouraging you to be the artist…you are.

See…my journey up to this point has been somewhat bumpy – through art history, English, art education and art therapy to something I call Arting. Arting is a process of be(coming) the artist you are.

Twice adult this year, I wish there was somebody like me there when I was 18…embarking on that degree course full of theory. And later when I became ill, healing myself through art. And later when I started with my first tentative attempts at painting (as in seriously) at the age of 29 (no, it is never too late, it really isn’t).

Somebody who would have seen the (hidden) creativity, the anxiety, the not-good-enough feeling inside, the doubts, the quilt trips…it would have saved me a lot of time. And grief. But I learned a lot on the way here, which I can now share with you.

Now that I have chucked the doubts, lack of entitlement and confidence in my fuck-it-bucket (I really made one, and so should you…one of the follow up posts will be about that), I can share what I have learnt on the way.  And also write about how arting has saved my sanity, and how it is making my days brighter and more colourful, and sharing it makes me more connected with people in the world…and it could bring you this too, and more.

Arting: Be(coming) the artist you are, a blog, a workshop series, a book under construction is about getting everybody in the world to art away :-D. Especially you.

Watch this space.